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Friday, November 2, 2012

From Here To There, and Added More Links To Commenters

A big thanks to Jim and Gayle of Life's Little Adventures... and Debbie, a fellow solo RV'er (and mustn't leave out Elliot, her cute little dog... the one that leapt into my lap and wet kissed me right on the mouth before we were properly introduced). It was the Life Adventurers that informed us about Red Cliffs Recreational Area, a great place to camp just south of of Leeds, Utah. There's only twelve campsites so it's quiet. A nice creek babbles along under a canopy of Cottonwoods at the mouth of a hike-able red rock canyon. Aptly named "Red Cliffs" is so colorful and purdy it'll make your eyes bleed, and well worth the hour of circling it takes the GPS-less to find in broad daylight. Let's just say, "It's not well signed!"

We hung out there for four days... till yesterday (Nov. 1st)... because that's when the discount bargain rate starts at the Zion River Rv Resort in Virgin, Utah... one of those little western towns where  "Welcome" and "See you next time" are on the same sign. I sneezed once and totally missed it :)

Our Lazy Daze, Goldie, is booked here at Zion River RV the entire month of November... for less than half the normal in-season rate... at 425 bucks. I think this is our sixth time coming here. There's a hot tub, heated swimming pool, and potlucks a plenty... not to mention, a Thanksgiving feast better than "home." It's our annual winter splurge, to have electricity and "amenities." Then, we'll get back to boondocking and assorted campgrounds to make up for the expense. I can attest that the pool is heated and the hot tub is Hot. They feel good after a long day on the trail hiking or biking. There's a pool table, too, and a friendly staff that stars Mason. She's been here as long as we've been coming and is just a delightful gal. 

Perhaps the more important reasons we like to stay here are things like the mountain bike heaven on earth that lies right outside the park. BLM land abounds, with an inexhaustible supply of dirt roads and single track to explore/hike/walk the dog. The red paved Kolob Terrace road to Zion's colorful upper reaches takes off just down the road a half mile and it's surrounded by more trails and BLM land right up to the National Park. Hurricane Mesa's dirt road takes off a few miles up the Kolob Road, It's another scenic bike loop that we love to do. And last, but not least, it's quieter in Virgin, away from Zion's campgrounds and traffic, and there is no waiting till noon in a narrow canyon for the sun to break over the mountain. 

So this is where we like to put down roots, sit a spell, and watch Ms Autumn drift into Zion... working her witchy red magic on maples and oaks. Let the show begin. Yep, I'm a lucky guy!

Was there...

Now Here...

Bayfield Al and crew have finally landed at their destination in Congress, Arizona. They have a little bungalow there and will be working at fixing it up between photo outings. Al is a great photographer and word weaver, so be sure to check out his site this winter. And I discovered that we aren't the only ones hitting the spa life. Check out Nina over at Wheelin' it. Both sites are in my side bar of links. 

Now that we finally have a good internet connection here at Zion River RV Resort, I was able to put some new links up that will connect you to some frequent commenters on the BCB. We greatly appreciate their dialogue and points of view. After all, who wants to listen to me blab on and on. Now get outside and take a hike!


  1. You didn't mention the tunnel you had to drive through or post photos of the river.

    Tell me that you did hike up the river and went further back than we did using the rope to get over the rock. If you did, post a picture or two of what it looks like beyond.


  2. Beautiful views, as always. I am on island time now and walking along the beach. Thanks for the link on your sidebar.

  3. Looks like a cozy place for a base into some wonderful Zion country. Used to be a flea market on weekends in La Verkin. Am looking forward to the red rock adventures.

  4. Jim,
    Uh... Bobbie hiked beyond the rope... using the foot hole carved in the rock, so she has the photos. I think she might be posting them on her website. I didn't go that day :(( I'll post the pic if she doesn't.

    I want to be on "Island Time." :))
    I hope the link finds new readers/wanderers for your blog.

    La Verkin also has a great grocery... Farmers Market.

  5. Yes, I too want to hear about your trip through the tunnel. I did go up the rope when Jim, Gayle and I were there, but I didn't have my camera with me, and they're the photo takers. Your Zion home looks nice! Debbie (and Elliot, who fluttered his eyes dreamily at the mention of your name).

  6. It's almost time for me to get another Zion fix. I don't get to go there as often as I'd like because there's no good fishing around there - and we usually go where there's fishing. Maybe I can talk him into Zion and then Escalante - where he can fish Pine Creek and a few lakes. I'm envious that you're at Zion.

  7. Debbie and Elliot,
    Regarding the itsy bits tunnel... I had to climb on top of Goldie and remove the satellite dish I had stowed up there... in order to make it thru. Side to side wasn't too bad... I think the ears (mirrors) on new Lazy Daze stick out more than ours :)) And our "Zion Home" feels like home... we've been here so many times they know us by name. We should try to have a BCB round up here next one year :))
    Thanks for commenting... pat the pup.

    There is a place hubby can fish... Kolob Reservoir, and it's right up Kolob road which takes off across from Zion River RV Resort in Virgin. There are trout!!! So there you go... see you here :))
    I see you were in Lake City during fall... not far from our home in Lovely Ouray, Co.

  8. Thank you for the link on your side bar.

    Your campground looks beautiful. We'd love to do a BCB get together in Zion. Such a lovely area!


  9. Travel Bug,
    You're welcome... Happy travels.
    I think a get together is inevitable :)) Who doesn't like to hike and bike in red rock country.


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