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Friday, November 9, 2012

Observation Point Hike, and Being "Mindful" In Zion

I'm seated at Goldie's dated dinette, listening to a soft rain pitter pat her roof. The volume and intensity rises and falls like movements in a symphony. What music to sun scorched ears,  salve to dry skin. Indigenous red dirt and rocks of Zion reflects rosy purple hues on dark bottomed clouds as they stream south to north, accounting for an unseasonably mild 63 degrees at seven AM. 

Black-shadowed cliffs slowly give way to audacious vermillions and autumnal trees and shrubs begin their glow-show. Sipping strong coffee I halfheartedly contemplate a rain-day plan. Hungry, I open the fridge; it's bare, except for beer. Beer is the last thing one should risk running short of in the middle of Mormon-Land. Egads.

I don't think these gentle days of rain need to be itinerarized with long explorations, anyway. Wouldn't it be enjoyable, for a change, to sedate the damned clock and slow it down to a more leisurely, if not, almost lazy pace? I mean, when is the last time you took a bubble-bath? Ok, men don't do that but you get my point. 

I'm a late bloomer as wisdom goes, so an authority I am not. But did you ever notice how it takes a supremely conscious and concerted effort to break bad habits, or, for that matter, sustain good one's? Do you know why? I believe it's because we allow ourselves to run on "autopilot," mindless, unconscious to the point of oblivious, to our surroundings... be they loving spouse, curious children, dog in need of walking or glorious landscapes. The "list" in our head attacks us in our sleep. It ramps up over coffee every morning, and on the commute to expectations at work. It's easy to slip further and further into a mindless, multitasking state... spreading attention thin over all that must get done. It can even spill over onto vacations. Where is the Zen in that? Today I vow to simply bask in the glory of rain in a dry desert land, and be mindful of my good fortune.  

There is only one reason for "time," according to Einstein, a guy who should know, and that reason is quite simply, "so that everything doesn't happen at once." Ah, well put; deeper than a superficial first glance would indicate. Why not slow time down by spreading out "The List?" And choose "Mindful" over "Mindless," as we do what needs be done. 

Bobbie and I are slowly adjusting to the euphoria of our newfound wealth of "time." Casual outings with our November companions Maikel and Susan have been fun and funny. Goofy laughter rings out frequently on the trail, and reminds us that it feels good to revert to carefree childhood ways. Friendships made on the road are special. After all, shouldn't crossing paths be one of the main reasons to RV? Doesn't "playmates" enrich the experience? 

These rainy and cooling days will remind us to slow down and smell the "roses," to breath in the aroma of our wet desert surround... the infrequent pungent creosote bush, moist soil, and the sweet after-bath scent of clean air and earth. This might even be a good day to drag out watercolors and dabble on canvas. It sure beats going to Walmart for groceries. Besides, I've been told beer can sustain life for up to a month. Hello!

Now for a few more photos from our outing to "Observation Point," a seven-pushing-eight mile round trip hike. If that's too much, consider going half way... to the slot canyon just beyond the bridge. 
Peace out in Zion...

The verticality of Zion is evident on the Observation Point hike... Angel's Landing, too

The "bridge" just before the slot canyon

The mountain is steep, but the trail serpentines and is paved

These photos speak for themselves... Hiking makes you hungry!!!
And a full plate of food causes comical expressions of anticipation :0


  1. Autumn makes an awesome place superb! Great fall color.

  2. Your pictures the last few days make me wish I was there, but I really needed to spend some time with my daughter. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  3. Susan here. We've loved every moment of FUN & FUNNY! I am soooo glad that today it rains as it means I get to take a nap'ums and cook. Trade you some baked stuffed mushrooms for a beer for Maikel?

  4. dang, that look's good.went an give me the muchies.gary

  5. Zion, food, friends, life is good. Brings back great memories of my Oct. 08 visit to Zion. We had friends who moved to St. George, Ut. for an early retirement and we went out to visit and exploring. I need to get back out there! Thanks for the pictures.."

  6. "But you can get most of the cool stuff in the first two and a half miles one way... great views, slot canyons and the magnificence of Zion. Thanks, hope this encourages you"

    Thanks for the information. Much of Zion is "straight up", as is this trail. It's not encouragement that we need, it's new bodies.

    Delta Mike - just my initials in the phonetic alphabet and a personal call sign from a long ago war.

  7. Such beautiful fall colors in an already beautiful place. Sign us up for next year!

  8. Happy campers - that's what you are! twoscamps

  9. Maybe the live giving rain is meant to slow us down, at least once in a while.

  10. Kib Explores,
    Autumn is the "cream in my coffee." Thanks

    You are welcome... My comment was sincere. Thanks for being a regular commenter on the BCB.

    Wise Ones, Susan and Maikel,
    Your stuffed mushrooms are to die for!!!! Thank you. Hope you got caught up on your rest... looks like a snow hike is in order. :))

    Gary G,
    Look how we filled up our plates, too... especially Susan. That girl gets hungry after a hike :))

    Delta Mike,
    Yes, the mind is willing, but the flesh is weak. We all get there sooner or later, I'm hoping it's later. Ah, now i get the Delta part... thanks, and thanks for your service in the "long ago war." Salute.

    Jim and Gayle,
    Gorgeous, isn't it? November in Zion is a must see for every RV'er. I hope you make it next year... and Boonie, too. I've got his BLM spot all picked out, but who knows, maybe he will break the rules and join us in at the Resort. (grin).

    Two Scamps,
    Takes one to know one :))

    I think you are right... and football, that slows me down on winter sunday's :))
    Thanks for commenting,


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