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Monday, September 24, 2012

A Lazy Daze RV Remodel Update... Torn Between Three Lovers

It is not easy trying to please three women, especially when two of them need so much attention. Ms Autumn is at her glorious peak all around Lovely Ouray, yet I find my time with her being divided by the Goldielock's makeover. And Bobbie would prefer to have her hiking partner back. My "girls" sure can be demanding!

Progress has been slow. It took me nearly a day just to round up all my tools from storage. So now I divide my time between bike rides, hiking and hammering... ok, nail-gunning... which is a tad risky when you don't have the original blueprints to show what you're nailing into. The first mistake I almost made (three hail Mary's and a thank you Jesus), was to load nails into my nail-gun that were a quarter of an inch longer than Goldie's walls are thick. I could just imagine Bobbie coming out to see how I'm doing and asking why there are so many spikes poking through Goldie's purdy skin?

That bullet dodged, we'll see how many water leaks and short circuits I created later on. It will be hard to get too mad, camping in the shadow of Zion National Park for the entire month of November. Sooo looking forward to that. Paradise has a way of whittling mountains into molehills. Besides, I know from experience that there is a Home Depot close by in St George. Goldie is a long term project, like adopting any 18 year old girl would be.

I guess you can tell from the above photo that Plan B is tongue and grove cedar. It's less than a quarter of an inch thick so it doesn't add much weight or shrink Goldie's Lounge. I went with a  32 inch tall wainscoting on the three windowed walls, and floor to ceiling on interior walls within the room as well as the angled wall leading into the hallway. We are thinking of redoing walls above the wainscoting with some sort of textured or fabric-like wallpaper (organic, woven...?), anything from neutral to screaming ass bright, since it's such a small area due to the Lazy Daze trademark large windows. It will require some tedious razor blade trimming around all the corners and window trim, but we're open to suggestions :)).

I framed in the bench seat. It will be hinged so as to open, and expand (via a second hinge) into a decent twin sized bed. With the proper cushion configuration (probably custom) it should make a comfortable place to stretch out and read or watch football, sort of like a Psychiatrist's couch... back against a rear "pillowed" wall. There will be considerable storage under the bed, accessible from either an exterior door or by lifting the hinged bench/bed from inside the room. This space will house my Korg Keyboard and stand... until I can remodel the current dinette into a recording studio/computer station. Yeah, I've been whittling a lot of "wood" when I should be sleeping.

I hung a full length mirror on the angled wall that leads out of the room; mirrors always seem to make small spaces feel larger. Regardless,  I refuse to put mirrors on the ceiling; Disco Ball, yes. I'll be glad to be done with walls and move on to flooring, the next impactful decor decision. The T and G cedar kept the room light and bright so we're thinking something dark on the floor... maybe bamboo or cork. Oh, BTW, that cedar T and G? it sure smells good. 

Speaking of "smells good," time for a hike! And while I'm doing that why not check out a real son-of-a-nephew's blog. My great nephew, Dan, son of photographer, Darin, is blogging his work-study-play adventures in Japan. I installed a gratuitous link to Dan's Japan blog over in my right side bar... under his dad's, so he can keep a close eye on his only son. Just look for the Handsome'er Johnson in a red shirt. Dan just landed in Japan so his international story is about to unfold. Let's show him some real Box Canyon love so he won't get homesick :))  Thanks, you are the best readers a blogger could hope for!!!


Before... too much dark paneling, scratched, too.


One corner with cedar tongue and groove, complete. Any good quick and easy :)) ideas for a textured fabric-like treatment to the small areas around windows would be appreciated... like peel and stick fabric wall paper. Of course we will replace the outdated blinds and hide them behind a small valance

Wrapping around speed bumps... elect. outlets and plumbing access

My workshop has two easy chairs... they also serve as saw horses :))

This will be the cushioned bench/fold out bed/storage area (underneath)

A big mess.  Looking for expanded metal to cover the bottom plumbing access. That will help keep it warmer and avoid freeze ups in cold camps.

Bench/bed will be hinged to lift up, giving inside access to storage. Need a new modern thermostat...

future storage

Full length mirror on angled wall

Tired "Tiger"


  1. Mark (and Bobbie)...I'm LOVIN' the cedar you're putting into Goldie! You are truly transforming her, and I can just imagine how good the cedar smells...
    Debbie (and Elliot) - currently looking out our wrap around windows at Wild Rivers.

  2. Looking good. Love the cedar paneling.

  3. Love the cedar. The area remaining is so small, maybe a nice coat of paint would do the trick. Being the proud owner of a Lazy Daze, I am enjoying your re-do.

  4. looking good, i'm whatching ya ever move on this one!!.best ot luck, an maybe some liquid nail.gary

  5. The cedar walls look great. Are you going to be able to stop with just the back room, though? It would really look nice throughout!

  6. Looking great. I think wood flooring is a great idea. Easy to take care of.

  7. Great photos of the remodel. Please keep posting them as your work continues. We Lazydazers love to see works in progress.

    Chris Horst
    2002 Lazy Daze 30'

  8. debbie and elliot,
    Ah... "looking out wrap around widows at wild rivers..." has a little Robert Frost sound to it (Stopping by woods...) now that's living poetry! Thanks!

    Thanks, Gaelyn,
    We aim to get this project done in a couple of weeks. Then the real fun begins :))

    Donna K,
    We thought of just painting the walls around the windows... it's such a small space, and there are paints that have some texture to them.... good idea.

    Thanks Gary,
    Now I'm nervous with you looking over my shoulder :))

    Jim and Gayle,
    Easy for you to say :))
    But you are right... the project will continue, but at a slower pace. Maybe even while we are on the road. Kitchen is next... a nice tile backsplash... granite counter tops, and a booth conversion. Bring your tools Jim.

    We pick out and brought home our floor yesterday. A wood laminate... 35 year warranty, like we will still be alive then :))

    Don't worry, I'll bring you along for the remodel ride of your life... mistakes and all :))
    thanks everyone.

  9. love the cedar,a real transformation.Since I'm the owner of an old,82' Lazy Daze, I'm fer sure interested! What wil you do to that ugly kitchen?Thhereis Corian that looks like granie,Corian is quieter,less angular in appearance, and more amenable to customization,you can even get the sinks as part of drainboard.I had Corin in my Collins fifth wheel, lost in a fire, the LD is my default rv.good news, I'm not limited in spending, I can take the pittance from insurance to rebuild, remodleremodle,Meshack,notice the gender Chosen also Play on words,an improvement on the name chosen by my granddaughter, after she took one trip, "Th Beast",pure gratitude, more like "looking a gift horse in the mouth"!Hubby brought Him home from S Ca, over the Siskiyous, purred like a kitty every mile.We have since replaced that Gawdawful shag,need new seats in the cab, new upholstery, and a kitchen redo, your paneling intrigues me,you can do most any thing on the rest of the walls as long as you don't get to Many textures involved, confusing in such a small space.


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