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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Photos Of A Former Centerfold RV... Still Looking Good

We really appreciate all the comments, considerations and congratulations readers posted on "Adopting Goldilocks." Traveling in a class C Lazy Daze motorhome is going to be a new travel style for us. Having gone from tent to station wagon to pickup/topper to pickup/camper to pickup/bigger camper to Arctic Fox trailer to Excel Fiver with slide-outs to (deep breath), I guess you could say there is a noticeable "trend," smaller to bigger; simple to sophisticated.

That trend reversed itself with the purchase of our cute, but itsy bitsy Chalet A frame hard side pop up camper with Dormer. Some would call this a vicious circle, others, a compulsive RV shopping disorder (sigh).

What ever neurosis you label such behavior as, it served me well. It helped to renew excitement and anticipation... got me though long dark periods on "treadmills" with time clocks to punch. Yes, we did suffer some depreciation on most of our "vicious circle" upgrades, but not as much as you might think. 

Newbies are pretty much blind. Most trial and error their way to the proper RV and lifestyle. We didn't have any money to spend on campers when we were just starting out, so a tent and sleeping bags it was... till we got tired of being wet. Off we went... inching our way up the RV ladder. 

But seriously, how many people do you know that got their RV purchase right the first time? Ok, RV Dreamers Howard and Linda, but besides them? Ok, Tioga George, too, but beyond those "un-American" cheapskates, who else? Our economy depends on people like us (me). It puts people to work, damn it! But with age comes wisdom, and a strong desire to get off a freaking treadmill. So, an inexpensive rig like Goldie makes sense if one wants to have any money left for their old age travel compulsions. At 18 years old Goldie is damn near a senior citizen in RV years... but she seems to be in excellent health. We'll see. The great thing is, at 18, the depreciation days are almost over... especially, I'm told, with a Lazy Daze unit. I checked the list price for a new 27 foot Lazy Daze, just out of curiosity, and it's dang near 100 K! 

Here's what we're thinking. It doesn't make sense to wander the entire western USA in Goldie, not at 9 to 10 miles per gallon, nor at the expense of six tires, maintenance, and general wear and tear. Barring a lotto win, I'd like to think Goldie is our last RV purchase; there's really nothing left to try anyway, except a class A, and tho I once wanted to be a Greyhound bus driver when I was a kid, I'm not so sure about it now. Goldie drives so easy, turns so sharp, and handles like a dream. I don't think you can say that about a class A. 

We wonder about the advantages of storing Goldi over the summer months when we are back home in Lovely Ouray hiking and biking... somewhere near a place that we enjoy going to every year, like Zion, Sedona or Tucson. We don't have enough room in our driveway at home, that's for sure, and the Chalet is taking up most of the garage as it is. If we stored Goldi near Zion, say, we could just jump in Sue Bee in October, get on the interstate and be there in nine hours. It would be more like a two day trip in an aging motorhome. I'm not sure about Tucson or St. George's infernal summer heat... if it would harm Goldie. Ideally she needs to be covered so as to be out of direct sunlight. 

More photos and some thoughts on our plan to convert the rear Imax window room to a lounge... maybe a black light, some groovy glow-in-the-dark posters and a mirror ball :))
Seriously, I would like ideas for the rear room (a former bed room)... starting with small, but comfortable swivel, recliner chairs!!!
Thanks, Mark and Bobbie   


  1. I suspect that they are still trying to resuscitate Boonie due to this sacrilege.


  2. Bobbie looks totally at home already, hopping into that cab. I know you've got the most impressive view ever from your living room windows at home, but just wait until the first time you're backed into somewhere amazing and merely have to turn your head slightly to take the view in from all sides! Debbie

  3. Congratulations Mark and Bobbie on your recent adoption! I believe you are extremely fortunate to have found an older girl who has retained her youthful elegance. While no RV fits everyone’s idea of “perfection”, I think you have found one that comes very close.

    John and Ellen

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  5. Check Andy Bairds blog for lots of thoughts on that rig style. My opinion is you should just live in Goldi and get rid of the rest of the stuff that seems to own you. Make the back room an art studio for Bobbie.

  6. I would make a dual office in your back room using those comfy chairs. I made a pull out keyboard sturdy enuf to function as a desk that both saves a tone of space and is useful for all manner of activities. Get a 12V TV/monitor so it can be both a TV and an extra monitor you can hook your laptops to.

    I'd also get rid of that carpet and put down a hard surface floor so it can be easily cleaned. Carpets are horrible in an RV. Cushy is better using rugs that can be removed and washed.

    You failed to show us a pic of the back room. :-)

  7. Looks pretty sweet and well taken care of for an almost antique. So how about a photo of the room in question?

  8. Nice Lazy Days Rv buy.
    Here is link to a RV dinette DIY I liked .


  9. Here is the link for the dinette table convertion website.

  10. Very impressed with everything especially your sincere drive and enthusiasm for still wanting to get up and get out to the outdoors that you and Bobbie clearly love. It is very inspiring and I am excited for both of you!

    For me, this purchase simply guarantees me many more hiking and camping posts from you.

    Carpe diem!

  11. I would suggest reading Andy Baird's Eureka http://www.andybaird.com/Eureka/ from start to finish. He also has the same model as you and he has some GREAT ideas.

  12. hmmm... ideas? scrap the carpet... front to back... just a dirt trap.

    rear lounge; two really comfortable chairs... a stereo system to have the right tunes while you're gazing out the mini-imax on rainy, blustery or Lazy days ;) or painting...

    "Desk tops" that roll? into position. at the chairs; and that will "tilt" to be easels for painting... or lay flat for laptop work... or push out of the way to read a good book or just cool out after a long hike when it's too windy/rainy/buggy or sunny ;) to chill outside.

    and save a "spot" for a battery box to hold the agm's (no outgassing) of your Solar power system! :) Though... She might already have an onboard generator?
    Just the batteries and a GOOD inverter would likely be more cost effective rather than a full solar panel array...

    Like somebody else said... "living" with it a short while to get the feel is always good. You might just pull out the beds and have a couple of "Temporary" chairs to experiment with 'fore you put in the "permanent" remodel?

    Though, permanent for me is about 2 weeks... ;)

    Ah... it's so much fun to spend somebody else's nickle doing remodels :)

    Has anyone checked on Boonie? He may have had a seizure and is laying helpless in his van! ;)

  13. Jim and Gayle,
    Actually, Pope Boonie called and pardoned my "backside." I think he knows I'll still be boondocking in out of the way places, just not up four wheel drive roads. We'll save those places for the Chalet... if we decide to keep it ?!?!

    Doesn't she though? She likes the way it drives and handles. We look forward to some phenomenal views out those big windows. thanks!

    John and Ellen,
    Right, there is no "Perfect Rig," just like there is no perfect wife or husband, son or daughter. We'll make do the best we can and enjoy the adventures. thanks for commenting... love your photography.

    Yes, I've been introduced to Andy... A wealth of information. Art is part of the purpose of the back room redo. thanks OFM!

    All great ideas... thank you. The next post has the photos you want :))

    I think the L D will qualify for antique plates in two years!

    Thanks for the link! I love that redo.

    Thanks Gumo, we view RV's as a "tool" to get us where we want to go, and then shelter us while were are expiring the outdoors. That's where the "action" is :)) We will "seize the day," for sure... maybe even the week, month, year!!!

    Brilliant luck is more like it :))

    Thanks... His blog is on my list of homework/research.

    CowBoy Brian,
    All great ideas!!! Now grab your hammer an saw and come help me bring the remodel to fruition :))
    RE: Boonie... he's busy researching his own next rig. What do you want to bet he goes smaller/lighter/simpler?
    And did I read that you are considering a Chalet type backup rig for jaunts into the rough backcountry? Two rigs are better than one... I've always said you need two rigs to do it right :)) thanks!

  14. Storing her in Utah sounds like a great plan for you guys. We're looking at two single kayaks to purchase at the moment because, of course, we bought the tandem first and are now somewhat regretting the lack of versatility not to mention how to tote something that big along. I was going to sell the tandem and then realized I might as well keep it for our lake here at home. Those class C's sure are a nice size, we are also regretting the 37 foot fifth wheel. Forget about boondocking issues, she is too big to fit into most state and national parks! Next one will either be a class C or a 30 foot fifth wheel. We love her, she is just too big to go all the places we want to go! The more options, the better, glad you found one that will work great for you guys.

  15. Pam and Wayne,
    That reminds me... We need to put our inflatable kayak in the water, and soon. We just keep hauling it around. As for RV storage, I found a place near Zion that only charges 29 bucks a month. At that price we'd get more than our money back in back and forth fuel savings. Now I need to find a blanky (cover) for Goldie...



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