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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blank Slate...

You asked for it. Here is our "Blank Slate" rear lounge... or, in Bobbies case, "empty canvas." As you can see, it has already been stripped bare and awaits a new design and decor... one that doesn't clash with existing cabinets or the overall funky-but-cool remainder of our new used Lazy Daze. It's really a pretty big, unencumbered space, and we love the expansive wrap-around windows for light and view. It feels just like home :)).

The original swivel chairs are small, but adequately comfortable. I know there are some name-brand ergonomic Euro Style chairs that recline and mold to your body like a glove, but they are one to two thousand dollars. Not going to happen. I guess we'll go to a Lazy Boy showroom and see what they have. The last thing I want is for a couple of great big overstuffed chairs to swallow up the spacious feel of this very cool room.

The floor is a no-brainer. As recommended, we will throw down some laminate wood or faux tile and a plush area rug to keep our tootsies warm... something we can vacuum and shampoo, or even replace as needed. We will probably go ahead and buy enough flooring to do the whole RV; it makes good sense because we are often guilty of tracking in the outdoors and laminate flooring would be easier to clean, as suggested by a commenter. It would also create a better "flow" and help tie the front "original" to the rear remodeled lounge.

I have taken note that it would be nice to have more storage. I am thinking of how to build some into the rear lounge area without encroaching into the floor space too much... maybe a tall wrap-around space that only comes out from the wall about eight to 14 inches. Perhaps the top could be a book and magazine shelf. Or, I could just come out from a side wall that has external access  a couple of feet and frame something in with doors on the inside. The top needs to have a purpose tho... I don't want to waste any space. 

I liked Diana's remodel of her built in dinette in an Arctic Fox. Dinettes do waste a lot of room, I mean, how often do you need to sit four people at a table to eat? If you have company just go out side, or if the weather isn't good drag out some folding eating trays. So while it's not the first order of business, I would like to refashion the dinning area to something a little smaller and more functional. I'm trolling for ideas here... preferably some with photo links or attachments :)) I have yet to make much use of the Lazy Daze forum; I know we're not the first one's to have this "baby."

Future Lounge Ara... a multi functional, comfortable space

I understand that the roof seams on Lazy Daze RV's needs to be kept water tight. I don't know if this sealer is original or not. It shows some minimal surface cracking, but it is still pliable to the touch. Some have gone to ETERNABOND tape on the seams, but I don't know how hard it would be to remove this tar like stuff and am a little wary about starting that job. Any Ideas???

These cracks do not go through... they are more superficial. Should I leave this alone? add more "gunk" sealer on top of it to be sure it stays waterproof? or remove it and go with ETERNABOND?

One of the ways you can tell if a vehicle is really low mileage or not is to look for wear on the break pedal's lower  righthand side.


  1. How about a home-fashioned desk completely across the back with storage underneath. Leave the new comfy chairs (with wheels underneath) near the a joining door wall so that you can enjoy the viewing lounge or slide up to the desk when work is needed. If the desk items were neatly stored below the desk top could become a bar for happy hour! Cheers!!

  2. Klbexplores,
    Love it! Especially the "Happy Hour" part :)
    Keep 'em coming folks, I'm taking notes here!

  3. The sealant situation on the roof seam looks as though it may have been added to over time.

    The folks that have used eternabond have applied it over the existing sealant.

    Here is a good article with photo links.



  4. Wow, would I love that much clear floor space in my View! Have gotten close to ripping out the dinette, but the furnace is under 1 of the benches so would need to rip that out too (so, a much bigger decision point).

    Two of my favorite things for my RV are Table-Mate folding tables, and an ultraleather folding ottoman. Love being able to prop my feet up while using the table and not having the table legs criss-cross beneath. The ottoman storage is also great for shoes, etc too. Here are some links:




  5. Nice amount of open space. I like the rear table with storage under idea but would add a drop leaf.

    I've always slopped more stuff on top after a good cleaning for the roof of any RV.

  6. Mark,

    I resealed the roof on a fiver with Eternabond tape. Did NOT remove the existing sealer unless it was coming loose from the roof. Gave the entire roof a very good scrubbing and when dried cleaned the area the tape was going with lacquer thinner per the included instruction. Used a hard rubber roller to press the tape. Instructions are included with the tape. Turned out very well and should last a long time.

  7. We took out the uncomfortable sofa sleeper in our fifth wheel and replaced it with $1300 each IMG euro recliners. Suckers! SO comfy though, and they are "real" furniture and not made for rvs. I find even the "good" rv furniture just isn't made to last, especially the seat area. We also stripped out the wallpaper, took down the "curtains", pulled up some of the carpet and ripped out the electric fireplace that didn't put out any worthwhile heat. We need to put the new doors on the fireplace opening yet and figure out how to incorporate some color. Can't wait to see what you do to make yours "home", maybe it'll give me some ideas!

  8. You might try Ikea for "Euro" style chairs without the $$price$$. For the back room, I like Andy's idea of desk (work space) and couch or desk and comfy chairs. McBe

  9. Ikea and Amazon.com are good sources for chairs, but Lazy-Boy may be a better quality. I had 2 slim profile Lazy Boy rocker recliners in my house in IL for 23 years, they were still in excellent condition, I gave them away to one of my sisters. I would like to have one in the RV but I haven't gotten around to tearing out the dinette, yet.

  10. I've just used a good quality RV rubber roof sealer in a caulking gun to annually walk around the roof and "caulk" up any cracks I found... checking for "loose" stuff to.

    I just run a bead into any Cracks such as what you're showing... haven't had any leaks yet. I think if the base caulk looks good, and the rest of the roof looks good... I'd just reseal the Cracks and call it good.

    As for "smaller"... I've wanted to get "Smaller" for a time... maybe not as small as a Chalet... but smaller than now! at least to what the Lazy Daze does for you... Maybe a bit littler... never know till I do it though! ;) I think I want to make it more of a seasonal thing... with a "place" with my tools where I can do heavy maintenance/repairs etc... yet still make some winter circles... Time will tell...

  11. Jim and Gayle,
    Jim, I ordered a 50 foot roll of Eternabond and a rubber roller for later when were on the road. I don't want to put it on right away, and the rig seems tight enough for now. I rather be remodeling... that's more fun than sealing a white roof in the sun (gag).
    Thanks for all your help and links!!!

    Thanks for your links, too. A footstool with storage is a great idea... we have two of them in our house living room. thank you mucho

    I was wondering that too, why not just keep slopping more sealant on the roof to be sure and safe... nobody see's it anyway. Yes, I need a table/workspace area that can serve a place to do some studio recording. To Simplify dot net build a workstation with a long slide out drawer underneath that allow him to pull his keyboard out to play and then tuck it away when not. Love that. Thanks

    That is great to know. It might be over kill but i bought the six inch wide roll. Hope that's not a mistake. thanks for your help.

    Pam and Wayne,
    Wow! You guys bit the shopping bullet! I guess you could keep them for life, move them from RV to home, and eventually get your money's worth. I know they are very comfortable so I envy you. It's just hard to pay almost as much as we paid for the rig for chairs! :)) Sounds like you guys are tweaking your RV to fit your needs... send links with photos if you have any. thanks!

    You don't get 23 years out of RV chairs or furniture. Good choice... Lazy Boy will get a visit from us, on our way to Ikea. :)) Gracious.

    Right on. I must tour Andy's sight for photos and info. thanks

    Just patch the cracks? I was thinking of just adding a new layer of sealant over the entire existing layer. I like simple... as long as it doesn't come back and bite me.
    And if you want a place where you can have your tools, you must be thinking of buying a little plot of land... Hmmm. If you need a land partner let us know. A couple acres each in the right spot solves our storage problems. Yikes... We've got two campers.

  12. "I have taken note that it would be nice to have more storage."

    More storage means that you 'must' fill it. I would not do so until I had weighed the rig to find out how close, or how much over, I was to the Carry Weight.

    I have reduced my storage capacity and still carry too much 'stuff' around that I don't use.


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