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Monday, August 20, 2012

Revelations... The Last Days Are At Hand

I have "the towel" in hand... ready, anxious, even, to throw it in. Hear ye, "The last days are at hand!"
No, it's not the Rapture, sinner, nor the second coming. So get off your knees already. It's that I have only two more weekend shifts to go until I become one happy emancipated man. A time to start pouring over maps, googling destinations and chomp at the bit in my mouth because it's almost time to indulge six or eight months of being unhitched from my post. Giddy Up. Ah, Labor Day... my final day... parting will be such sweet sorrow-less-ness. We've stored money enough to fund a winter's worth of RV wanderings with our pittance summer jobs... which puts off breaking into the "nest-egg" one more year; a good thing, just in case we're still around ten years from now, a necessary thing in case we're still around 20 years from now. 

Speaking of "The Last Days," what do you imagine a loaf of bread will cost in "todays dollars" when you reach year 2032? Would you believe a hundred dollars? Food inflation will make recent Gold inflation look like child's play according to a watchdog group that keeps it's eye on costs of living.

"Within a decade, a loaf of wheat bread may cost $23 in a grocery store in the United States, and a 32-oz package of sugar might run $62. A 64-oz container of Minute Maid Orange Juice, meanwhile, could set you back $45.71. This is all according to a new report released Friday by the National Inflation Association which warns consumers about the coming wave of food price inflation that's about to strike the... world." http://inflation.us/foodpriceprojections.pdf

We all know that demand drives prices. Guess what? Everybody has to eat... and in case you haven't noticed, the rest of the world is kicking out mouths to feed (and future "consumers" of all goods) at alarming rates. Maybe it's time to start a garden. But I digress... on to more important, less depressing matters, like quitting part time jobs in order to live free for a while :))

No pun intended, the Hot Springs Pool is swamped on summer weekends (my shift). With throngs, (not thongs... we don't allow those) come a multitude of "situations" than need tender loving resolution and/or pacification. I must dance a thin line between "the customer is always right" and safety... meaning "the customer is totally out of line, unreasonable and deaf to any side of the story except their own." It's my job to "motivate" the latter folks to change their behavior without them knowing it, and put a smile on their face. I have no one to pass the "buck" to; I'm the rule enforcer on weekends while the real bosses are away at play. Good thing I minored in Psych :)) I suppose it could be worse, tho, like if I worked at a swimming pool in China. Imagine being a life guard this pool and trying to keep track of children. What gets me is that everyone is smiling, like "this is so much fun, soaking in pee with the the world!" Lordy Mercy... see what I mean about "a lot of mouths to feed?"

Or how about Kung Foo Feces Beach... this is where you go in China when you want to be "alone."

Situations like the above are an epidemic waiting to happen (yuck). Imagine the crowds if Chairman Mao hadn't decreed mandatory sterilization a few decades back. I don't see the fun in swimming in cesspools... especially when you can't swim for the people in your way. If you read my last post you know how I feel about large crowds and big cities. Is this where we are headed?

Blaine Basin is more to my liking. We had it all to ourselves...

Vast moraines of rock flow from Ms Sneffles north face into Blaine Basin

Blaine Basin lies on the other side of our local 14'er, Mount Sneffles, and Yankee Boy Basin... just a few miles from Lovely Ouray up Camp Bird road. We attended on what was forecasted to be a threatening day, ignoring weathermen who rely on computer models when they could do better by looking out a window. But, it turns out they were right this time.

Rolls of thunder were our constant companions. Kinda like Old Griz, it reminded me of our ant-like insignificance... that neither Mountian nor Weather cares if we live or die. I didn't want to test the god's moodiness... play the role of "key" on a kite string... and thus didn't push much above timberline... only far enough to catch a glimpse of Ms Sneffle's dark side, a class 4, and breath a little freshly ionized air. 

Grass and pond on the way to Mount Sneffels (center peak) and Blain Basin

Link To Hyperinflation Article:


  1. That's really good news, Mark. (I was starting to see you as a Wannabee who never Will Be.)

    Those Chinese ant hill photos made a powerful point, especially the way they contrasted with what followed. In fact, replace the little yellow bodies with little brown bodies (from Mexico) and you'll see what most of America will look like in a couple decades.

  2. Editors Note:
    I just added a Link at the bottom of the this post regarding hyperinflation. We all realize it has been forecasted for a long time... and that it would devastate our economy and personal wealth, but is it imminent?

    I guess I would like your opinions on this link, and/or Hyperinflation in general.

  3. Great to hear you are heading out for some more enjoyment!! Although Ouray looks great to me!! Make every day a good one !Safe travels my friend!

  4. We are happy for you two! Looking fwd to seeing you in Madera or maybe even Zion! Scamp

  5. I love planning a road trip. And swimming too, but certainly not in the China cesspools.

    After all those mountains you've climbed maybe it's time to hike down, into the canyon.

  6. Beautiful photos Uncle! I particularly like the storm ones.


  7. Boonie,
    I tend to vacillate between "Wannabe" to "Has-been" :((

    Regarding the rest of your comment:
    Borders are "porous," nowadays... not just ours, either (look at Canada, lately). The world's population is becoming blended... homogenized... watered down. Individual colors and cultures are being drained to shades of grey. It is a great loss... and irretrievable. Singularity and Sameness... How boring. I don't know who to blame, Borders, Opportunity or Missionaries.

    Walden Steve,
    Hey, thanks... we look forward to leaving Lovely Ouray, so we can come back and appreciate it for what it is. Hope you enjoyed my last rant... I know you love it when I get riled up :))

    Thank you...
    It would be so cool if you could join us in Zion in November!!! It is peak fall season the first couple of weeks, you know... lots of pretty red leaves and red rocks :)) Come hike and visit :)

    Planning a road trip is almost as much fun as taking a road trip... almost. :))
    And we always enjoy exchanging Peaks for Canyons according to season. Zion is one of our favorite canyons... out of season, of course. Hope you can make it.

    Young Dan,
    Hey, thanks for dropping by! Blaine Basin is where Bobbie took you hiking that summer you came out to help me finish up the addition on our house. I glad to hear your Japan Adventure is falling into place. Maybe you should consider blogging it ???
    thanks, Unc. mark

  8. Inflation/hyper inflation is real and it's coming... but it is only a symptom of the REAL issue. Like the spots of measles.

    Look at Population studies, NOT all the talking head gibberish... of any species. They all follow the same track. Slow, accelerating growth until they hit a near vertical line on the graph. Then... SPLAT.

    All the "side issues" are only the symptoms and the subsidiary consequences of GROSS over population. They can only be corrected by correcting the underlying cause... Gross Over Population.

    That is where we (the planet) is now; In that near vertical population growth line on a graph. The coming SPLAT is a biological inevitability.

    So, What do we, the one species with the knowledge available to "Fix" it... do about it? We argue about politics, whether gays can Marry or not... and where the less than useless current POTUS was born... and spend millions on helping infertile couples give birth to quintuplets... Brilliant.

    We argue about wild scams like Global Warming. Where a 2 1/2 degree increase in average temperature over a period of 250 years is Proclaimed to the bleating masses to be a "Heat Wave" that requires surrender to further slavery.

    That's all... ALL OF IT... gladiators in the arena to distract us from the reality... The masters, I assure you, have their little security bubbles. THEY are protected, while they pursue their end goal; "Keep the masses placated and distracted while we Strip them naked of any asset or liberty."

    But there remains a shining light.

    A positive personal Future lays in Freedom and the wisdom to stay out from under the falling trees being felled by the blind political loggers.

    Live now folks... cuz the future is gonna get... um ... athletic.

    Population is the problem... NOT... Politics, the Global Warming scam, Al Queda... or inflation.

    It's like... trying to support 10,000 cows on a 2000 cow ranch... You can try... but you're being an interior decorator on the Titanic. Luck with that.

    I say, we knew our world was finite the day we were born...

    You know what? Let'r Buck! Yesterday is gone. Today is the Day we Have. Tomorrow? We'll live it the best we can when it gets here.

    Walk the High Lonesome and enjoy. Have a good winter guys! :))

  9. CowBoy Brian,
    Conspiracy Theories aside, what do we replace our political system of Government with? How do we transition to something better. To rant and complain hasn't worked... Hell, voting even hasn't worked... for decades, because the choices seem to be "rigged" against progress. Without a Governmental framework of some sort we will need lots of guns and ammo while boondocking in the high ups... cause it will be anarchy... every man for himself... and we will be out-gunned, my friend.

  10. There's no conspiracy outside of the natural, historical evolution of society, all governments and power.

    There has been era change after era change throughout the eons.

    Those who have survived era changes throughout all history are the ones who wanted to survive and had the guts to do it.

    They hadn't a "System" ready and waiting when the previous rotted and collapsed.

    Those "Postman" visions aren't really accurate I think. I don't see people who are terrified to step outside the "Cities" doing it when the SHTF. I see more like horses running back into burning barns.

    The "Solution" is and always has been to live "Close". By that I mean you take care of yourself and those close around. You Secure your water, the production of your needs. You Take care of business within your own Sphere...

    The false answer is Government. That we all need some Outside force telling us what we need to do. The need is for groups of normal everyday people to take care of each other. How many people do you really know who only dream of preying on their neighbors?

    That is the conditioned fear planted by government to blind people to the truth and promote the need for ITS imposition of force. (which always puts itself, governmental power first, NOT, the welfare of the community)

    How many "neighbors" in reality do you remember helping clear snow with their tractor? Helping you pull a stuck car out of a ditch? Barn raisings... trading and sharing garden produce? loaning tools... helping to take care of farm animals when a guy broke his leg... etc etc etc.

    Small communities NOT Monolithic Power structures are the only genuine real hope for the future... and they will come on their own, as the natural progression.

    The "Solution" for the problems of the world and the future are self enlightened small communities... taking care of each other.

    ... as it has always been.

  11. Regarding inflation, I understand the Fed's need to stimulate the economy by the quantitative money easing policy in an attempt to create more jobs. However, I feel the Fed's are like me learning to back the Aliner camper into a difficult spot. A little turn of the steering wheel left and I'm hoping the trailer moves a little left as I blindly back up but, sometimes the trailer would jack knife and go way left.
    Enjoy your up coming travel plans and looking forward to the pictures.

  12. CowBoy Brian,
    I remember telling my son as he graduated from college in 2001... enjoy this time of prosperity, plentiful jobs and good pay, their will come a time when we will need to "compound up" as a family... maybe even an extended family... just to get by. I'm no prophet, and I hope I am soooo wrong, but Govie just can't keep printing money to pay our bills, borrowing from Petter to pay Paul, and extending our debt beyond the stratosphere. So I think, as you said, "Small" is the answer... family, a few close friends, making a way in a financially troubled world.

    John Q,
    I guess I fear the "rebound" effect from such policy... it's like keeping a fire under control with a hydrant that's just about to go dry. As for backing into a tight camping spot... we've had some doozies, too.
    Thanks for an "accountants" point of view.

  13. Reading the paper this morning, and our talk of food inflation, I was surprised at the waste of food going on in America. Attached is article.
    Aug 21 (Reuters) - Americans throw away nearly half their food every year, waste worth roughly $165 billion annually, according to a study released on Tu esday.
    "As a country, we're essentially tossing every other piece of food that crosses our path. That's money and precious resources down the drain," said Dana Gunders, a scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council's food and agriculture program.
    The NRDC report said Americans discard 40 percent of the food supply every year, and the average American family of four ends up throwing away an equivalent of up to $2,275 annually in food.
    Just a 15 percent reduction in losses in the U.S. food supply would save enough to feed 25 million Americans annually. It also would lighten the burden on landfills, where food waste makes up the largest component of solid waste, according to the NRDC, a nonprofit environmental organization.
    Particularly worrisome, the organization said, was evidence that there has been a 50 percent jump in U.S. food waste since the 1970s. Unsold fruits and vegetables in grocery stores account for a big part of the wasted food.
    But consumers and restaurants are also to blame, preparing large portions that result in leftovers that often go uneaten.

  14. John Q,
    Wow! Guilty here...
    Need to change those wasteful habits. Thanks!

  15. I agree with Brian: overpopulation in America is the fundamental cause of other problems, which are mere symptoms.

    Once I went to a speech by some think-tank guy who had all the statistics and powerpoint slides that showed that non-immigrant Amerians have been at Zero Population Growth (ZPG) since the 1970s.

    Population growth has come from immigrants (Mexicans) and their third world procreative habits for the first couple generations, until they assimilate.

    As Edward Abbey pointed out when he saw the Southwest being buried under Mexican immigration, immigration has bi-partisan support: for Democrats it is a cheap cause. For Republican businessmen, it is a source of cheap labor.

  16. Boonie,
    And the Pope has the power, and opportunity, to "change the game," and alleviate, to some extent, the culture of breeding humongous families, each of which who go on to repeat... and so on. It's a geometric growth rate that is unsustainable in a finite resourced world. Education, moderation and contraception in third world countries is the key to change... and it could get a good start in Vatican City. Of course that would essentially put them out of business, wouldn't it? We are a selfish lot, humans.
    thanks for more input.

  17. Good comments all. It's sad what's happening before our eyes. Unfortunately, once the tipping point is passed about all any of us can do is hunker down and prepare our family and friends for the crunch times. My wife and I retired early not just because we could do it financially but also because the window to live a full time RV lifestyle and even travel freely outside of the US may be closing before too long. In the future, it may just be too expensive, or worse, too dangerous.

  18. John V.
    It seems hard to believe, but desperate times call for desperate measures. When our economy REALLY begins to unravel these "hard times" will seem like a picnic. Those who "have" could be left to protect their own and property from those who "have not." We boondock in areas of souther Arizona where illegal immigration is chronic. I know some of there people are desperate and it does cross my mind that we are an easy mark.... and that, along with born and bred US citizens who are growing desperate. I won't huddle in an RV park out of fear, but when push comes to shove... it might make Boonies Idea of grouping up for camaraderie more attractive. Let's hope this doesn't turn into Mexico north.

  19. Have you all read "One Second After," by WILLIAM R. FORSTCHEN. Sounds like what you're talking about, only this book's premise was an attack by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) bomb. A real page turner and completely within the bounds of something that could happen.

    If you haven't read it, pick it up. You'll probably finish it in a matter of hours. Thrilling reading.


  20. oops, boo-boo in my blog name, should be http://travelbug-susan.blogspot.com


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