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Friday, August 24, 2012

"I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight... Oh Lord"

There was a change in the air last night. I woke up this morn to find Ms Autumn gifting Lovely Ouray with a Free Sample of what's to come. Yes, Fall is in the cool, calm, damp air today. As if on babies' breath, near motionless clouds... burdened with tropical moisture... occupy all but the floor of our Crevice. They cling to mountainsides like bridal veils... teasing us with ambiguous views of tree-tips, peaks, and rocky bluffs. 

There is a nip, a feel of impending change, as our orb yields to the greater Gyroscope and tilts ever so slightly away from the sun. I feel it, the trees feel it... the bears and squirrels and deer feel it. It shows in the way it changes things... the order of the day, sleep, mindsets, relief... all subconscious whispers to "prepare." 

Autumn's approach bolsters my spirit, perhaps because of her shy illusive nature. Her allure and presence is so fleeting... as brief as youth and beauty itself. Autumn clings like a swelling drop of dew on leaf's drooping edge; suddenly gone. And so it is that I must enjoy the approach of Autumn, like an old girlfriend about to drop by, in order to extended the reunion. I must start right now to savor the micro beginnings of change, rather than wait for the peak glory of her visit. I must relish with anticipation this drowsiness that precedes winters oncoming deep slumber. Yes, I will prolong the joy of my favorite season with a sense of expectancy, excitement and suspense. I will start now, today, under wrap of Ms Autumn's Free Sample, with an inner sense of shortened days and waxing moon nights. 

Upon Autumn's departure here, I shall chase her down again and again like a dumb-struck lover, in an attempt to lengthen our rapturous affair. I'll will seek her out in Zion's canyons, in the fiery red maples and molted leaved oaks. I will follow her south as she glides sunward on an ever tilting axis, to Madera Canyon and the border of Mexico... where she lingers and rests but for a moment before finally eluding my grasp. 

"Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord"  (Phil Collins)


  1. You definitely have a way of expressing yourself that makes me want to read more and more. Almost makes me want Autumn to show up.

  2. I'm ready for Ms. Autumn.

  3. Just departed Ouray this morning after three nites in Amphitheater CG. Beautiful town. Would have enjoyed it more if Autumn would have held off a few days. Great blog.

  4. Feels the same over here in Moab, and same kinds of clouds. Spent the evening watching a storm slosly move across the desert horizon from I-70 on down finally into Moab, lots of lightning.

    You're in one of the most beautful places on the planet for autumn. The San Juans are truly glorious in late Sept. mid Oct. Went up on the Blue Lakes road a few years ago in Oct. to see the colors at sunset - couldn't believe all the photographers on the hill there just before you drop to the trail, I mean lots of them. I suspect they come from all over to get that one shot.

  5. I can feel fall slipping towards the canyon also.

  6. Jim and Sandie,
    Well you are too kind, thank you. Long time readers know I get a little swept up this time of year; I just can't help myself when clouds and temps drops in The Crevice. I am a slave to "change;" weather, scene, climate, topography and geography. I even like snow... for short periods of time. Stay tuned for a couple of months of fall photography... around here, Moab, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arizona's Oak Creek Canyon, Grand Canyon, Madera... I'm on a "mission."

    That makes two of us... four counting Jim and Sandie :))

    Spotted Dog,
    I know the exact spot you are talking about on Dallas road. We were just up there a couple of weeks ago to hike Blaine Basin and I remarked to Bobbie that, tho still pretty, it seemed bland (all green) compared to having seed it in "color." I will go there in about a month :)).

    When I saw on the weather radar that Moab was getting pounded by rain I wanted to jump in the truck and head over. I have been there during flash floods... night black clouds and all. It makes for dramatic photo ops. Soon. Living in Western Colorado is a gift... we get to take advantage of the San Juans and eastern Utah at the same time, only a couple hours away.


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