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Friday, June 8, 2012

Thoughts Along The Trail To Hayden Peak

The Pinnacles on the way to Hayden Peak.

I'm not particularly fond of "Energizer Bunny" windbag posts, so apologies are in order for Part II of The RV Paradox; "It just kept going and going..." Your comments are informational fodder for newbies and wannabes. Thank you for sharing your insights and viewpoints!!!  

Today, in consolation and/or remorse for "windbag post," I offer up a "sacrifice" of what I do better, which is keeping my mouth clenched and showing off majestic mountains surrounding Lovely Ouray. You are welcome to come along as Bobbie and I take on the eastern most peak of a nothing-short-of sprawling, four summit, Hayden Mountain. 

Thoughts along the way, to take my mind off the pain in legs

It's difficult to share what I want to "be" when/if I ever grow up. There is noticeably more sand at the bottom of my "hour glass" than ever before... much more than on top. I feel like Life is sort of painting me into a corner, and there's not so much room to wiggle time-wise anymore. 

My vanity wall is relatively empty... there are no framed degrees, no photos of me shaking hands with Bill Clinton or George Bush, no mention of Mark Johnson in Who's Who, just a tattered old scrap book with "Glory Days" photos of motorcycle racing. Here's one of me blasting through a creek on my KTM. Oh, here are shots of me holding trophies... with big mud splattered grins. Alas, some claim to fame. I guess some people cast prestigious shadows, others walk in them. I can't even get Andy Warhol to loan me a few minutes of fame. What's that you say? He's dead? No wonder he won't return my calls.

Sometimes one must put themselves out on a limb by sharing dreams and/or delusions of grandeur. It keeps them honest and reminds them that someone is watching... motivation to get around to what ever it is that you want to"do" or "be." I did that for most of my life and look where it got me. Now, seeing that my sand-clock is maddeningly faithful the laws of gravity, as is my ever sagging face, I hereby surrender my importance to the Universe... no curing disease, Hollywood Star of Fame, mayor-representative-senator-governor-president. I'm just going to accept and be who I turned out to be... a half assed photographer, painter, writer, Pool Boy, and a pretty good husband and dad. Now to all fellow shadow-walkers, go out, be yourself... and have a great self esteem filled day!

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  1. Always enjoy your blogs--"windy" or not. I loved Ouray and all parts of the San Juans and northwest.

    A year long battle to save my faithful pup's life and now my failing health has kept me from being out there, again, though I refuse to believe I've seen the west for the last time. Pipe dream? Maybe? But, it's MY pipe dream.

    If I didn't have kids, here, I'd live in the west, but that's not in the cards for me. You are two fortunate, young at heart people, Mark and Bobbie, and I admire you. You are fortunate because you live where you love and you are healthy enough to enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed.

  2. I always enjoy reading your posts, and you are honest and sincere in your self evaluations. We all need that. Your accomplishments are best measured in the hearts of those around you. I think you score pretty high on that meter! We all have to realize that the only time we have is the present.

    I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up...but I have more time to think about that now that I'm retired.

    Thanks for sharing from your heart. Love your photos. You go places we'll never get to, so it's great to see them from your perspective.

  3. OFF TOPIC, I know, but curiosity begs me to ask whether you ever found the book "One Drive in a Million" by Branson Reynolds and did you know him?

  4. I was going to say that my favorite was the deep canyon with the beautiful clouds above... but then came the skeleton and the next shot through it!!!

    Fabulous! Do you know what it was a skeleton of? It's funny because I had just been wondering if you ever saw any wildlife on your hiking expiditions!

    I feel like you are beating yourself up for some reason the last few entries. I will say that I totally am enjoying your blog and your photography and they are meaningful to me at a time when many blogs have lost their luster and attraction to me. Yours is very different and appealing. My son is a professional photographer and from what (little) I have learned from watching his talent grow, I can say that you have a photographers eye! I hope in some tiny way perhaps that makes your heart sing!? For maybe a moment?

  5. I forgot to mention I loved the dead tree also! There's particular dead tree in Yellowstone that I'm following with photography. I carry a joy in my heart that I'm probably the only person who goes there that has even noticed the dear little thing and even cares! It's like mine and the trees' little secret...

  6. Looks like a bluebird day there in Ouray. I've hiked Twin Peaks and the Chief Ouray Mine, but not much else around there, though I did work on a dig there once and my cousin Gary Miller lives there. I went to high school in Montrose and always wished it had been Ouray. My sister even worked at the Outlaw there for a bit, so I know and love the town - used to go to the hot springs a lot. Your blog and fantastic photos are bringing it all back. Spent a summer there a couple of years ago renting a house up above the reservoir.

    I really enjoy your photos and philosophical ramblings. Do you know Jack Brauer of mountainphotographer.com? He lives there and also has some great photos. Anyway, keep up the interesting blog, it's helping me deal with being stuck indoors right now.

  7. PS Will add that I've spent a lot of time climbing in the mtns around there, just not in Ouray proper. Always wanted to do Mt. Abrams. Did Sneffels a few times, as well as Courthouse and all those (Handies, Uncompahgre, etc.). Maybe you guys want to try Abrams soon and take lots of photos?? :)


  9. As long as you keep enjoying hikes into the beauty of nature who needs fame.

  10. Now I know how a dog feels when he sees his master heading out with his hiking stick without him.  Great picture and video of Hayden.  
    How would you and others readers feel about climbing Mt.  Sneffels July 19th? 
    Meet 7:30am at Mouse's coffee shop 520 Main st. Ouray then car pool to trail head.
    Go back to your July 19, 2009 archive to see pictures of Mt. Sneffels 
    Been awhile since I climbed a 14 but think it would be fun.  To your readers, the beauty of climbing up is you can always turn around before the summit and still enjoy an adventurous trek with others.

  11. Hobo Pals,
    We are indeed fortunate as you say. Hang on to your "pipe dream," It may find you... somehow, someway.
    thank you!

    I'm pleased you liked the mountain-thru-the-bone shot... with the cloud dotting the mountain I couldn't resist.

    As for "beating myself up," sometimes, maybe...
    Alas, a blogger's life has its ups and downs... nice comments like yours are part of the "Ups." You gotta love someone who revisits old dead trees :))

    Spotted Dog,
    Well, you certainly dropped all the "names." Jack, I don't think I know him...

    I'm glad you enjoy my "philosophical" meanderings. Politics and News is mostly in the toilet... soaking with the economy. And I figure people don't want to read about my trip to Walmart :).

    Regarding Mt. Abrams... we hiked it last year and plan to do so again soon!!!

    Gary G.,
    So you were a lurker eh? Glad you got over it and joined in. I appreciate Comments!!! thank you

    Once again, boiled down to where even I can understand it. You are "Cliff Notes" for truth and the bottom line... :)) Love it.

    John Q,
    A 14'er sounds good to us... but we would need to start earlier... much earlier... to avoid the rock fall from climbers above us. Bring your hard hat.
    thanks all

  12. It's me again,
    I see that I missed Russ and a question from Hobo.

    Russ, I really appreciate your remarks... we are co-late bloomers, I see. :)

    I'm glad you reminded me of the book... I had spaced even looking for it. I'll write it on my hand so I won't forget this time ;)

  13. d,
    another person of few words... but the one you chose speaks volumes to me. Thank you.


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