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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Take On RVing: A Guest Post By "Pen Pal" Claudia Duske

By Claudia Duske of ItchyHitch
I liked all the points made in the past few posts regarding the RV Lifestyle, and the readers responses, too. It really is like any other lifestyle—just what one makes of it and how they choose to live it. I also agree that it has a natural lifespan for most people, and I think one of the major reasons is the inherent austerity of life within the confines of an RV and RV parks. Eventually, people begin to yearn for things they gave up in order to full-time, things like gardens, tools, community, social networks, church, room to store “stuff,” maybe even close-by friends or relatives, especially grandchildren. Overall, of course, is the factor of health. Without that one important thing, RV lifestyles can be meaningless.

I have no need nor desire to full-time again, even if I could afford it. It’s not from lack of wanting to see places and experience areas I’ve never been; I think that can be done on a part-time basis quite well, if one has the funds. Part timing retains the advantages of having a home place for all the reasons stated above. Many full timers freed of the bonds of material possessions and a house claim they never want to go back to it; I understand—I wouldn’t want the heavy burden of high utilities, taxes, upkeep and maintenance on a house either. Having what we have (a park model on our own lot in Yuma) is perfect for us—easy on the wallet, easy to close up and leave without worry, yet good to come back to (we have a fifth wheel... in fact, we have two of them). 

To me, there is just something freeing about standing on your own piece of dirt, knowing it is all as you want it and not what someone else requires because you are renting their dirt (rules). And there’s also a certain comfort level in knowing that no matter what life throws, you have a place to call home—paid for—always a roof over your head, even if it is humble. 

The BIG Fiver and Freightliner
The Little Fiver... small with lot's of ground clearance 
Marc, Claudia, Bobbie and Wandrin Lloyd at a recent meet up (I was there too)


  1. Thanks Claudia,
    I think your experience and viewpoint will be interesting to several readers... and then a few won't agree :) But you have been RVing for a long long time (not that you're old, mind you) and wisdom comes from experience.
    Thanks for a well written piece.
    Pen Pal Mark.

  2. Great post. I would like to have a lot or parcel of land, that I do not have to pay association dues on. I would like an old barn on the property - a garden room on the bottom and a small apartment upstairs. I wanted land like this before I purchased my RV and I am still looking for property. I do not necessarily want a house. But I also want it close to a town and not out in the middle of nowhere. I want to be able to walk or bike to town. Lots of wants, if I travel long enough I WILL FIND IT!

  3. Walden Creek RV SteveJune 9, 2012 at 7:27 PM

    I thought maybe Mark was taking a month off from BCB! Your insight is always interesting in informative-- even though I disagreed strongly in recent post about living for the now- it was done knowing full well that people can disagree in a good way!! I can just see the next visitor BCB blog will have Boonie chasing all of Marks blogging friends to the hills with a opening threatening warning of maintaining certain blogger standards.

  4. Walden Creek Rv steveJune 9, 2012 at 10:25 PM

    Especially the non Van drivers!!

  5. Thanks Claudia.....yet another piece of advice about not rashly and permanently burning those bridges that we worked so hard to constuct.

  6. I don't know that I can disagree... it fits some folks and those that it fits... should choose it.

    Some look at the Mountain only from the distance... because they think of what it will take to climb it...

    Others... Think of life without the "Conveniences" of the "place in town" and think of life without those... and stay or return... to town...to the place they need.

    Others... un-comprehensible to most... Feel the clamp release from their hearts, and their Souls soar, Only, when they are off in Far Country... or rolling down a ribbon of asphalt somewhere... anywhere... they refuse to go back... refuse to live that life that never fit. Those things measured as great value to others aren't valued to such as these to the point that they'll sacrifice their Freedom.

    These are the source of the saying; "If I have to explain it ~ You won't understand"

    Are any of these various people wrong?

    Yes! I Vow, YES!...IF... IF... IF... Their choices are NOT made reaching for what feeds their souls; but are surrendering to fear.

    I don't advise To totally ignore sensibility and the future... Unless THAT is what your Soul needs, and only the individual can know that.

    I think each should pursue what makes sense to them. Not... measure their choices by convention and the judgement of others... but to Make their choices by listening to what their own Soul whispers to them in the quiet moments.

    Columbus would have never set sail if he'd listened to those who swore he'd sail his crew right off the edge of the world.

    How many told Buzz Aldrin that climbing in that computerized trash can to fly it to the Moon was Tee Total Nuts?!

    Listen to your Heart and to your Soul...

    I knew I'd never see 21... I'm nigh on to 60. I've been down so many times I'm uncomfortable when I'm up! ;)

    Like I've said before... If you live strong for Today... I Believe, It'll carry over into tomorrow... and your wisdom, ingenuity and the energy gained from LIVING... will carry you through the difficulties that present in the future...

    But if you use up too much of today; Worrying about tomorrow... You'll risk losing both.

    Just my... windy as usual two cents worth ;)

  7. Very well said, I really love it when you said "listen to your heart and to your soul".. :) Have a nice day :)
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