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Friday, April 12, 2019

Between Hikes...

A detour through the Inside Passage to iron out a couple tricky spots. Zoom Zoom. 

Trying out new pedals! They're longer and allow for a (supposedly) more efficient and comfortable foot position off the ball of your foot, more toward mid-foot. The jury is still out. No, I don't "clip-in," not on a mountain bike in terrain where I need to get a foot down fast. 

The long uphill pull on Klondike's slick-rock...which isn't as slick as it looks.

On long, fast downhills, center of gravity is critical :)

La Sal Mountains view...
Zoom Zoom.


  1. Lisa and I enjoyed those trails and the dino prints a few years ago. It sure is a neat place when the weather is good and there is no mud on the trails. Have fun as usual.

  2. Wonderful scenery and looks like you guys had the place to yourselves!

  3. I'll be interested to see if you feel like those pedals are worth it in the long run.
    After Jim's crash on the Klondike trails, we won't ever be riding there again :-(

  4. Hello, good idea, I should try flats (pedals). Just curious, what level of trails do you ride? Haven't been to this area yet, but I'm telling myself to avoid advanced trails to keep bones intact!

  5. Good idea with the flat pedals! What level of trail do you stick you, I like where you ride! I'm thinking to avoid advanced just for the benefit of keeping bones intact.


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