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Monday, April 22, 2019

Buddy Chris Joins In The "Fun" At Camp Klondike

Twin Lazy Daze? Not quite...Chris's L D (foreground) is super clean and spiffy, while Goldie (background), well, let's just say "she's been around."

Chris found such a great campsite that he needed not one single "leveling block." And his view? Same as ours...a circus of red rock cavorting right out his back window. 

There had been a plan for his daughter, Juliet, to meet up with us here. Sadly, it didn't work out due to some tragic, unexpected circumstances. We are thinking of you every day, Juliet...

Bobbie and I were anxious to show Chris around, so we started with a convenient hike right out our front doors. Everyone loves a "circus." Chris is no exception...



  1. Thanks to you and Bobbie for guiding me around in this beautiful playground. The hiking and biking were just grand. As for Goldie, I prefer to think of her as a seasoned veteran of many camps. Chris

  2. Beautiful contours, lines, earth and sky spaces and geology!

  3. So, so wish I was there. It's been incredibly difficult to miss out on this -Juliet


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