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Thursday, November 29, 2018

"Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world"

Lord Almighty. What is today, Wednesday...Thursday? And what timezone? Finally, we get to settle down on Lovely Ouray's home turf...

Whew! I'm feeling a tad Road-Rashed, Jet-Lagged and Whiplashed. Nevertheless, I'm back in the saddle of my comfy chair, tho it creaks from the ten extra pounds I gained over a weeklong Thanksgiving Family Food Fest/Reunion in Toledo, Ohio.

Familiar flames glow in the hearth, caressing fake logs and a body crippled from inactivity...unless eating is an activity that is. So I'll attempt to throw together a belated Lite-Post from southwest Utah. You're welcome. I'll get to the Big Fat Greek Week Family Reunion in a later post. But for now, you'll have to be content with a Candy Land hike we took with John and Charmaine in Southwest Utah...    

In the foothills of Pine Mountain lies a land like no other............

Waves and grooves

John persists in trying to find a route down into that canyon

John leads the way... Trust your shoes!

Landscape Art...

Dropping into Candy Land

Walking on sunshine...

How does this happen?

Can you spot John?

Such beauty...and the landscape isn't bad either  :)

Charmaine was a good sport about our route  :)

"Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world"  Beach Boys

Climbing out of Candy Land
Peace out,
mark and bobbie


  1. Candy Land is such an apt description. Waves and waves of colored sugar slick rock that is such a misnomer. Nothing grabs your shoes like slick rock, for sure. Such gorgeous photos. Such a wonderland. Nice to look at on a gray winter day.

  2. Awesome header photo there Mark. That will be a great spot to hang should you have a" broken leg", besides if you are not out there risking life nor limb you might as well be pushing "daises", isn't that what I heard you say a few post back?
    Thank God we didn't hear about another flying/airport disaster on the busiest day of the year....we were prepared though for any thing . Sounds like there was plenty of good eats at the family affair. Turkey is big at our digs, mainly cause meals for a week afterwards are no problem & no work, in fact we just finished the bird at lunch today with all the trimmings. Will do it again come January.
    Got some good vineyard photos I'll send from the Sonoma Valley where we did a photo shoot on Tues.
    From the Russian River;.........With Just the Cloths on My Back...
    Stay Thirsty .........and DON'T BREAK A DAM LEG:)

  3. Glad that Chris discovered the Candy Cliffs. That is such a fun and colorful area to explore. Not sure I would have been as good a sport as Charmaine :-)

  4. Twas having a REALLY BAD DAY! until I saw this post :) Mark, you out-did yourself with this awe inspiring wonderfully beautiful post, I just loved it! words and pixs both :)

  5. What a glorious sunny day for hiking in such a unique colorful landscape. I like hikes that require you to touch the pavement once in a while and the challenge of finding your way out. This is an IPA hike vs the bud light hikes I’ve been experiencing here in Indy. Thanks for sharing.


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