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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"Tapering" Sucks

Since being roped into the Black Canyon Ascent by my 1% body fat biking/hiking/swimming/running pal, Leon, ten days ago, I’ve been “cramming” like it’s finals week back at SMSU. Yes, just like those nightmarish party-now/study-later days of youthful lore, I stand before you naked and afraid and unprepared for a "test" I got wrangled into whilst heavily sedated with I-can-do-anything endorphins following a silly little bike race up Log Hill. 

Thus, the past ten-day pre-race rapidly closing window has been fraught with over compensation (translation: OVERTRAINING)... trying to subdue that pessimistic monster who slips out from under the bed and into my dreams all hours of the night, telling me I’m nothing but a “Glory Days” has-been fool who should start acting his age. 

Training with Bobbie

Break time at Mountain Market

Yesterday Leon and I put in a final 30+ miles biking rural county backroads to Ridgway and beyond, through un-trafficed, drool-worthy rolling hill-and-dale... 

Mount Abram, rising above green pastures surrounding Ridgway. What a Postcard!!
Add to all the biking numerous uphill power-hikes while pumping 8 pound hand weights, running (ok, shuffling) Ouray's 7 mile Perimeter Trail in and hour and 45, snowshoeing at 12,000 feet, not to mention long walks on "easy" days. I hope it's enough...

Time to "taper," which is to say no more training (beyond short walks to Timberline Deli for their 3-scoop ice cream serving (Try the Moose Tracks, Cookie Dough and Coffee).  

San Juan Glory takes your mind off pedaling :)

So here I sit not training, bored stiff while Bobbie is off riding to Ridgway on the most perfect day of the year to date. 

I'm not good at "not training." I've got three more days of not doing what I love/need to do. So I'm anxious and fidgety...wishing this stupid race was over with so I could get back to training for it, which is more fun than doing it. I'd drop out in a heartbeat if I hadn't already paid the exorbitant Entry Fee. Alas, however, I want the t-shirt that comes with finishing. 

So here are a few photos from yesterday's final training ride, because I have nothing else to do.

Just got a call from Bobbie...She's got a flat tire, two miles from Ridgway.  Oh Boy! Something to do...


  1. Good luck! wish I was there cheering y'all onward to the prized t-shirt :)

  2. Gee, Mark, at 72 I have no trouble at all "not training". It's actually fun. LOL At 72 I am sure you will still be training for something, who knows what, but you will be having fun at it I am sure.

  3. Bobbie sure seems to get a lot of flats, or maybe this one was a slow leak that you had something to do with so you would have a reason to get out of the house and go pick her up ;-)
    Good luck with the race!

    1. This one was caused by a leftover thorn from Arizona. I added some air to her tire before she left and evidently that was enough to allow the thorn to finally penetrate the tube. Never air up your tires!!!! Evil lurks....

  4. Beautiful place to not train. Good luck with your race!!

  5. Your training program is inspirational. It's funny to think of "shuffling" the perimeter trail. Ridgeway is sure looking lovely these days. Good luck with the race!

  6. Exciting! Can't wait to see how it all goes for ya

  7. If that ain't the purest dam country ya ever seen I don't know what is.....well, Bobbie I trust you will be at the finish line to get the big guy crossing it, assuming of course that he makes it, probably just the thought of those consolation prizes will do it :)
    We will have our eyes glued on Windsor , England tomorrow for most of the day so be sure to post those finishing photos on the blog will ya?
    Oh and Good Luck Mark , there is no doubt in our minds you will makes us all proud , just remember nobody likes a loser.


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