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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Part II of Red Mountain 1...

There is no better place to reunite with who we are, what we're made of and to better understand our limits than mountains and wilderness. 
I'm heading back to the mountains, this time with Bobbie. Don't know yet where we are going...it doesn't really matter where, as long as we go. 
Peace out,
Epic Epilogue...

Pano below: Keep going down, then Scroll Right ↠


  1. Thanks Mark, I really enjoy your writing and photography,you truly have a way with words. Long time follower but mostly a lurker. Hoping to see some of Colorado in person this fall.

  2. Missed your last couple posts. Looks like you've been busy! I think those Red Mountains are the most scenic place in your area, and they look even better with a bit of snow. I love that panorama!

  3. Definitely coming to Ouray some day.

    "Once man leaned that heavily on people he was not wholly free to live. Then he became moody rather than self-reliant. He was filled with tensions and doubts. He walked in an unreal world, for he did not know the world from which he came and to which he would return. He became a captive of civilization rather than an adventurer who topped each hill ahead for the thrill of discovering a new world. He lost the feel of his own strength, the power of his own soul to master any adversity" William O. Douglas

  4. Even the Swiss Alps doesn't have a view like that! Killer shot Mark

  5. You are right...it doesn't matter where you go just that you go:)

    That pano is a huge WOW!!! Beautiful!

  6. Replies
    1. You and Hans should give some thought to a "place" here. Just keep your Rv "escape module" for a few months during winter :)


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