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Friday, September 15, 2017

"Them Changes" on Half Moon Basin Hike

With sincere apologies to Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles for Copyright infringement, I give you "Them Changes."

Alrighty then; 
No boring admonishments, embellishments or sermons
Just the "facts" 

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Peace Out,

the end


  1. Reflections, fall color, skies, a road through the aspens. Fabulous, except the slide show didnt work for me. Sure do miss my comouter when we are staying in the MoHo

  2. Just beautiful, especially those reflection shots of the lake.

  3. Beautiful photos!! Especially of the lake next to the (birch? alder?) tree, and the moon, andddd the dappled light through the grove. This looks like such a great hike.

  4. I think I know who that hike was for :) The 1st day hike we take, just not vertical :) Glad to see the turn has started, last yr the yellow was mostly dropped when we arrived on Oct 4th. (at Crystal Res)
    Ok, so we arrive Mon Sept 25. We are getting giddy already, mainly because when we got up this am it was 47ยบ and it felt like FALL.
    Hope you are going to be around for awhile, we only have till Oct 9th.
    Will be in touch.
    Stay Thirsty

    1. Yes, we'll be here! Looking forward to it!
      Box Canyon Mark and Bobbie

  5. Now that is some boulder field for sure. Spectacular pictures of this gorgeous hike. The reflections are just outstanding! Love the moon, the brilliant blue skies and stark white puffy clouds, the changing colors of the foliage. Really like the shot with the aspen trunk off to the left of the reflections in the water. What a day!

  6. Nice early morning shots of Crystal Lake(?). The colors are lush and indulgent.

  7. Didn't the snow just melt in your area!! And now it is fall already. Very short true summer, for sure. The photos in this post are gorgeous! I love the reflections!

  8. The best time of year in one of the most scenic places around. You must be living right!


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