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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Highland Mary Lakes Hike with "Little Adventurers" Jim and Gayle

Disregarding a forecast for afternoon thunderstorms, Box Canyon met Jim and Gayle of "Life's Little Adventures" at Silverton's Visitor's Center.

Although there's considerable elevation gain, the hike to Highland Mary Lakes is relatively short at just under 4 miles roundtrip. Bobbie and I promised that we wouldn't get lost, and that we had plenty of time to get the hike in before thunder, lightning, and rain. And they "bought it!"  :)

A deep creek crossing gave Subie a little trouble, but she was up to the task and all was well. 

It was good to "catch up" with Jim and Gayle, although once above timberline, the climb and lack of oxygen slowed the conversation some. The weather was cooperative; Jim? Not so much :).

Gayle navigating The Boulders...

Jim "drew the line" at this boulder field, only a quarter mile short of the "I could give a shit" lakes. To be honest, the boulder field was a little tricky.

The first lake is almost a pond, but the setting more than makes up for its size.

The next lake's size makes up for the pond. But the biggest lake of all the Highland Marys is another half mile, and, of course, thunder rolls.  The Continental Divide Trail/Colorado Trail makes its way just beyond the lakes. Not much shelter from rain and lightning up there; time to head down...

Hiker Gayle pauses for a picture... 

Not 5 minutes after we made it back to the car, the sky dumped. Rain turned to hail...so loud we couldn't even hear each other in the car. Hail changed to sprinkles by the time we got back to Silverton. Time for beer and pizza. I highly recommend the Sultan IPA!!! 


  1. Such a fun day! So glad you were able to take us on yet another great hike.
    Your selfie is a bit better than mine, except for poor Bobbie having to lay her head on the table :)

  2. Smart man, Jim!! Why take out an ankle when you can play with the pica:) Great idea! But, it was a beautiful hike with so much color. Too bad it included a boulder field:(

  3. Thank you for another enticement to revisit your neck of the woods.

  4. Nice of you to take Jim and Gayle on an "easy" hike! ;-)

  5. Always look forward to your version of the hike after Gayle posts.


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