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Friday, April 8, 2016

Stomping Grounds, There Must Have Been A Party Goin' On

As you recall from the previous post, Bobbie and I were off in search of "ruins" and Dinosaur tracks. Having found respectable ruins we ventured on, running the North Klondike Ridge southward until ultimately joining a most primo section of the magnificent Alaska single-track bike trail. Having biked the "Alaska" a few days ago, I remembered an offshoot "hiker's only" trail with an arrow and sign, "To Dinosaur Stomping Grounds." Hopefully more than indistinct depressions filled with dried mud.

Ah, this is more like it... Impressive, no pun intended. 

Gradually, as slow and indistinct as night dawns into a brand new day, the choice of "Stomping Grounds" for a name came into focus. My, "there must have been a party goin' on."

Over 2500 tracks. I wondered who was tasked with numbering them and how they kept track... again, no pun intended.

After the "party," we politely departed and returned cross-country to the Alaska single-track, to further evaluate whether Bobbie thought it a "ride" she might want to do. 

Bikers, taking a break for lunch in an area of spectacular boulders

"Bleeders" must tuck and duck here... 

And ride it she did. But that's for another post.
Now get outside and have yourselves a fine day,
Mark and Bobbie


  1. As usual great photos. How's that new bike working out?

  2. You're so funny. "Bleeders must tuck and duck." I would just get off and push my bike :-)

    The dinosaur tracks are quite impressive!


  3. Love the Dinosaur tracks. That sure is some amazing bike trails you have there.
    Don't feel much like being outside here for a while yet way below freezing for a few days yet.

  4. Given that erosion is such a factor in Red Rocks Country, I am surprised to see those party prints still there. Nice.

  5. Full of envy here! Hiking before biking the route is a great idea, makes for a much more enjoyable ride.

  6. Love the tracks...yours and the dinosaurs!

  7. I too love those desolate landscape views Mark, I can almost since the inner peace that you feel. No cannabis need. (ever).
    Just know that we enjoy reading your blog under our current situation, beats anything on the Tube (except of course Stephan Colbert, Nature, Rick Steves)
    Stay Thirsty my friends
    Sonoma Co guys

  8. Lots of dino tracks around this area. Endless trails for bikes and boots:)


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