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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sweet Bliss

August, August…parting is such sweet bliss. Having babysat The Skol Fine Art Gallery  for the better part of Lovely Ouray's short, but oh-so-sweet summer, and this while RV friends are cavorting about North America like a bunch of newborn colts, I become mindful of the irony of my last day of work falling on Labor Day.

But don't weep for little ole me. No. Rather, weep for those who are off today but must return to treadmills tomorrow, the day after—month in-month out—lo, decades? God bless 'em, our children and grandchildren will forever shoulder the WWII anomaly/burden of the Boomer Bulge—our Social Security checks, our bottomless binge on extortionate prescription drugs that we're constantly brainwashed to "ask out doctor about," drugs that require other drugs to control adverse side effects, things like dying and constipation. And don't give me that "I've earned it, by Gawd." crap. Do the math; one bypass surgery puts your account in a sea of red ink forever. This is what happens when men get sent off to war. If they are lucky enough to come home alive and able, they trade war for love. The consequent baby boom make "entitlements" look like a Pyramid Scheme. But that's a digression to another blog post; Let's see, where was I...

Today there is a tingle of excitement shivering my spine and synapses; it's almost as pronounced as it was in the weeks and days preceding our very first RV departure. This is a good sign... that I haven't fallen out of love with the RV Dream, that the "relationship" still has a pulse. I liken it to growing (growing, as in "progressing, maturing…flourishing") older, wiser, and deeper in love with one's soulmate, that lottery-luck one shot of good fortune that keeps you interested enough to hang around, just to see how it ends. Why is there still "Life and Lust" on the open road after all these fifteen years? I will get to that next time, right here on the BCB.

The Olden Days, Camping on weekends and holidays only...
Our third RV adventure


  1. Well, being the hopeless sap that I am a good love story gets me every time. And between the occasional barbs and the beauty that's what I see here :) you majestic a fine pair and live life to the fullest!

  2. Isn't it just great after all these years?

  3. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful country I can't imagine ever getting tired. Glad you still have the bug and are getting ready to hit the trails again.

    Your header is amazingly gorgeous. Love the watercolor:)

  4. Gee I liked that "olden days" photo of the pickup camper. What a little cutie. I wish I had been camping with you back then.

    On the other hand...that Excel! What were you thinking!?

  5. The new header is awesome!

    1. There are some more great pictures of wheat fields in Palouse Country, WA at The Oasis Of My Soul. There is a link in the sidebar.

  6. Glad that the anticipation of the road trip still gives you the tingles. As you know, travel brings out the adventure in life. It is the exploration of the unknown, a way to see everything the West has to offer. Speaking of the tingles, how about the Indianapolis Colts vs Denver Broncos this NFL Sunday eve game?

  7. Oh, my GOSH, is that Deception Pass Bridge?? Just gorgeous!!

    Came down from my Many Glacier home for a cheeseburger and an internet fix. It is 45 degrees and raining today, so I am taking a day off from hiking in prep for my Grinell Glacier push tomorrow. I just snorted my Fat Tire Ale over the "adverse side effects, things like dying and constipation."

    Back up the mountain to my happy place now...

  8. I consider myself in top ten in the list of BCB readers--but this up coming blog on details on your LUST may have to be skipped over!! I just got off road trip ( Minn- Wisc- Illinois etc)-back in Florida and found the experience just as much fun as the first time - back to ocean - beaches- biking- tennis - swimming- light workouts etc- (my version of hiking- enjoy your summer travels-


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