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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where Have All The Flowers Gone...

A seasonal transition is underway. Bobbie wanders flowerless tundra, nipped yellow by frost and a settling sun. It was a lush alpine season, though, besotted by slow moving monsoons. We alternately gave thanks and cursed the weather gods, but in the end are grateful for every drop of rain. To everything a season, be it flora, fauna, or Life itself. 

Ms Autumn will roll into Lovely Ouray any day now, and we'll have one last hurrah before folding into the grip of inevitable winter. Chlorophyl beats a retreat. Cottonwoods drop their glorious garb, revealing ghastly, twisted limbs. Who will dance with a wallflower Cottonwood?

Aspen will soon undress and turn Pennsylvania gray. Storm tracks will shift from Gulf Stream south to Bering Sea north. And us? Well, we will follow the sun, meeting Ms Autumn down the road, again in Zion and again in Madera's magical canyon, a symphony of birdsong and gurgling water.   

I want to age gracefully, like this old truck. It still has all its teeth, but could use some new glasses :))

Outside Zion's Gateway community of Springdale there is an outdoor venue for plays and concerts. It's set among sheer walls of red rock cliffs not unlike Red Rocks outside of Denver. I imagine players on the stage, but prefer to see them in person

A couple of watercolors by a couple of amateurs, Mark's on the left, Bobbie's on the right. Will this winter be one of "breakthroughs" to Intermediatocracy??? Practice. I promise to practice and get better. Bobbie sold one of her paintings this week!!!! See her blog in the sidebar for the demo and story.

Depending on who you ask, either The Three Sisters or Three Nuns, In Arches National Park…by your's truly.

Halloween comes early to Lovely Ouray...

Another Ansel Adams moment in Silverton

Pleasant Valley overlook, Leon, with his shirt off as usual, and me, fully clothed as should be

"White Rim" View from Dead Horse

The Cottage that lies in wait for tired RV'ers...

An Ansel Adams moment among the Tetons

More Tetons...

Lovely Ouray's sentinel, Twin Peaks and Little Sister

Don't believe Boonie when he babels on and on about pointless postcards and meretricious scenery, he spends most of the summer in Colorful Colorado, after all.

At the end of The Road...
There, Suzanne…Captioned for your bucket list, except for that last one :)) 


  1. Nice job of chumming for Suzanne ;-) With that kind of bait she should be showing up shortly.

  2. aaahhh, thank you! Lovely, all of them. Made even more-so now that I can find my way there. How many miles back to the Tetons? ;-)

  3. Congrats to Bobbie! I swear some of your photos look like watercolors themselves.

  4. You made Suzanne happy and me as well. I usually just scan through the pictures that you post but with a caption I will stop to read it and then 'look' at the picture.

  5. Lovely photos that are always a delight for the eyes...

  6. It was a fantastic summer of wildflowers in Ouray! I had someone just yesterday tell me how they enjoyed seeing the flower pictures that we shared on Facebook. It's a little nippy out here in the Midwest - even had frost the other morning. But it sure makes weather to sit around the campfire and the mosquitoes are gone!! Harvest is right around the corner. Looking forward to all of your warm winter pictures and adventures ahead.

  7. Love your autumn narrative:) Awesome header. I thought it was Dead Horse. I do like the captions...thanks!

  8. Beautiful photos as always Mark...I agree with Pam, there were a couple I thought were watercolors too. Congrats to Bobbie! I was witness to all the color the wildflowers had to offer this past July...cant believe the change just a few weeks makes!

    I love your picture of the flowers on the porch with the mist...


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