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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fireside Thoughts on a Snowy Mourn...

Hearth embers glow and flicker like neon lights in a liquor store window—warmth, slowly gaining the upper hand on cold radiating from too much Imax glass. Dawn breaks gray; a chalky gloom settles into La Crevice; flurries of snow tag along—so light they can't seem to land, flitting and swirling about like a swarm of angry albino bees. Muse-gusts pile into wind drifts across white cyber-paper. I tint the muse so as to make it stand out against the snow. 

In The News:
A local ultra-marathoner, a guy who runs hundred-mile mountain races, has a massive heart attack while hiking in Arizona. 

Seven backcountry adventurists die in Colorado avalanches this winter. Among the dead, experts who teach courses in snow safety.

America lectures Russia on proper ethics, the etiquette of exercising restraint when it comes to invasion of another country. Obama threatens Putin with "consequences."

A passenger plane vanishes into thin air; the field of search now reduced to 27 million square miles. 

My health insurance premium skyrockets to one thousand dollars a month under "The Affordable Healthcare Act."

Inflation is 1.58% for January of this year. For all of 2013, only 1.47%. Trying hard to "feel" it, with little success. 

Projection: Based on immigration, sociological trending, demographics, etc., we will essentially de-evolve to a one party system, at least on a National scale. Republican Presidents soon to be added to the "Endangered Species List."


  1. albino bees- will have to check that out-- dang Mark-- sorry but sitting under palm trees in Florida - reading bcb blog still works for me- but checking with john Q about camp hosting near Ouray in summer still looks good for me-RV sale is moving along- so many different ways to go!! Still think you and Bobbie should have checked out Melbourne RV -- does Melbourne Condo look better??-with sailboat part of deal??
    Walden Creek Rv steve

  2. A one party system in the USA? That I find hard to imagine. I would love to see a 3 or 4 party system though. That would improve democracy mightily and force politicians to actually work together and compromise more. All that division leads to not a lot productive getting done.

  3. Your blog this morning reminded me of thoughts I have often had while living in Rocky Point. The world out there is doing its thing, often scary and pretty negative, but if I just look at my own world it is pretty gorgeous and peaceful. Head in the sand sort of thing. Then again, if my insurance skyrocketed to 1000 plus, I would suddenly crash into the outside world reality. Hope there is an alternative that works for you. sheesh!

  4. "Projection: Based on immigration, sociological trending, demographics, etc., we will essentially de-evolve to a one party system, at least on a National scale. Republican Presidents soon to be added to the "Endangered Species List.""

    You are, of course, exactly correct. Or should I say "right".
    The Hard Right is determined to preserve the GOP as a white boys club. Slash & burn. No compromise. No inclusion. No change (or should I say No progress).
    It's a real shame but America has been slowly heading downhill since the Eisenhower, or perhaps Kennedy, administrations. I don't see anyone on the political horizon who can change the course.
    Don't know the answer.
    But as Sue just said, our small part of the world is just fine. For the three of us, Life is Good.

  5. Those headlines are "hernia inducing".

  6. Really great photographs. I live in Colorado and can never get enough of the mountains. I'm going to do a little research and pay a visit to the Red Mountain area.

    I'm older and I've had to forgo health care altogether. Just have to hope that things hold together until I can start Medicare (if it's still around).



  7. Great Photos! Enjoy looking/reading here!!!


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