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Monday, November 18, 2013

Alive and Well

Well, you probably thought I fell off a cliff or crashed on my Gary Fisher 29'er, trying to act 40 years younger than my age. Trust me...we're all good, so far, it's just that we've been too busy having fun. I'll try and catch you up on some of our trips so you can put them on your Bucket Lists; just give me some time.

First, I want to thank those who emailed The Boonster and us regarding interest in circling our "wagons" for outdoor activities in some pretty damn cool places. We are taking names and will be posting an "official" gathering soon, so stay tuned. Otherwise, like I said; our blogs tells you pretty much where we are and what we're doing, so if you are in the neighborhood and want to go for a hike and/or bike ride just let us know.

Jim and Gayle are quick studies on transitioning from a hiking only lifestyle to a hiking/mountain biking one. They bought two new mountain bikes (ouch) and now, over a week later, they seem be celebrating instead of regretting that decision. It takes different muscles, hiking versus biking, but having been avid bikers in the past, I think Jim and Gayle are finding some "memory" in their quads. And Jim is already getting use to his bike seat...not whining near as much. It has been a blast exploring all the biking opportunities around Virgin with them. 

Secondly, I'd like to welcome the RVinos to our group; gosh they are so young I'm surprised they'd want to hang out with a bunch of Geezers :). They invited the football fanatics (Boonie, me, and Bobbie) over to their boondock to watch the Broncos play the Chiefs last night...and put out a nice little spread to boot. Thank you John and Susan, for the food, and the 52 inch high def TV screen. I actually thought I was at the game a couple of times..." IN-COM-PLETE!" We hope to be off on a hike with them and the rest of the gang in an hour or so. Thus I gotta go...but I will be back; you'll like what we're finding here, I guarantee it :).
Peace Out,
Mark and Bobbie

Now come along with The Boonster and me for a singletrack along Gould Canyon...a more desolate, but still beautiful ride. I would say this is an intermediate mountain bike trail...but as with any off road adventure on two wheels, there are plenty of places to crash and burn. FYI. 

There are three cars at the bottom of the sheer cliff in the near distant canyon. We wondered how they got there and why...sort of a Thelma and Louise thing?


  1. That great that you are alive and well, was wonder where you at?

  2. Well - leaving on a jet plane tomorrow-- Will see if Sedona area is as good as your photos! on to- Grand Canyon = what powers of BCB!-

  3. Good that you are having so much fun that you don't have time to write:) Looks like you are having wonderful Nov. weather. Be safe and enjoy yourself!

  4. I sure enjoyed the sites! Glad all is well....

  5. Back when I was very active in mountain biking, my "friends" said they could follow my path from the blood splatter I left behind.

  6. Great photos, as per usual. Really like your new header photo.

    Hey, did you know the Pine Valley Mtns are laccolithic, just like the La Sals? Pretty cool, eh?

    I'd be coming down your way to help circle the wagons, but alas, I have to head north, the wrong way, for a month. Any idea where you'll be by mid-Jan?


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