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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Doubled Up On The JEM Single Track Triples The Fun!

I commented to Bobbie the other day that we've been camped on the outskirts of Zion National Park for over two weeks and have yet to make it through the entrance. My comment speaks volumes about all the "distractions" in outlying Virgin, Utah. There are inexhaustible ways to spend one's days, lost in maze upon maze of canyons...trying to cross off a bucket list of recreational choices. Whether you are a dog walker, hiker, mountain biker, sightseer, or a boondocker looking for fewer people and rules, there is someting here for everyone...a variety pack kind of destination. Our gang this year includes one of the most finicky and discriminating fulltime RVer's ever, and even he likes it. 

While I'm sure we will make it to Zion's "Broadway" of cliff hanging trails eventually, the meantime really feels odd; to come all the way to the threshold of Almighty Zion and not really care if we go in? Why it's sacrilegious, like spitting in the face of God. I'm not sure what's going on...maybe The Boonster is employing a subliminal deprograming tactic, manipulating us like some Jim Jones cult leader. What ever it is, we're drinking the "Kool-aid." Cheers, and bottoms up.

Today is forecasted to be another in a string of 70 degree November days. Miss Autumn's leaves are about peak for peeking...or, peeping; take your pick of "P's." So the gang is off to do Hellhole, a slot canyon/wash hike way over on the west side of Santa Clara, the total opposite direction from Zion's Pearly Gates. 

This I know. If it's November, you will find me here...year after year after year. I will never tire of this area, so help me God (swallow).

Yesterday Jim and Gayle seemed psyched to go on a real mountain bike ride that tests their brand new rides. The Boonster did some social homework (it's about time) and came up with a plan to do a portion of the JEM trail (it would be more apt to call this the "GEM" trail). Locals keep adding new sections to it every year...long, graceful serpentine singletrack, smooth as a baby's behind, but with just enough ledges and drop offs thrown in to make sure you're paying attention...especially along the Virgin River Gorge.

Pictures often speak louder than words so I'll let them take it from here...

Above, Debbie, Elliot and Rupert...the cutest dogs ever, excluding Coffee Girl, of course...oh, and Debbie :). Below, the area between Lazy Dazer's Jim and Gayle, and Debbie's RVs looks like a bike shop. Anybody want to buy a recumbent or cruiser or both? Contact Jim, as I think he's rediscovered his adrenal gland and re-converted to mountain biking :) That Boonie is a Devil!

There are some long sections on the lower JEM that puckers your ass a little...not a good place for sightseeing or a blowout, for sure!


  1. Beautiful photos! Seems that you have plenty to see and do outside the park!

  2. It's good to see the Jem trail is expanding and there are more hospitable parts of the trail. We didn't like that one so much in 2010.

  3. All I can comment on is how beautiful the photography is .... and how I wish I were more active ... I go on your hikes with you vicariously ... but as far as participating all I can do is just say how much I like going on these hikes with you ... and riding a bike that close to the edge? gives me the heebie jeebies...


  4. Ass puckering - I like that...captures the feeling exactly!

    Thank you for writing such an awesome blog!

  5. I see Bobbie hasn't been converted to the bike pants yet. Neither have I, they just don't make them for girls with bulky thighs...maybe I should try the mens department, right?


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