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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Note Curious Jim  in the above photo...leaning into the abyss to better see the bottom. Sometimes he makes his wife Gayle (and the rest of us) squirm. Jim's me times two, in that he wants, make that needs, to know what's around the next bend in the trail and what's way down at the bottom of a dry waterfall, and if he might be able to ride a series of ledgy, loose drop offs without crashing and burning. And I thought I was the daredevil in the group. Ha!

After rough riding the Hurricane Rim single track trail along the edge of the Virgin River Canyon, Boonie and I thought The Tribe might be interested in doing a doggy hike on it. So we loaded man and beast in cars, headed through Lovely Autumn Leafed La Verkin, over to Hurricane (similarly attired) and up to the trailhead just off route 59. You can't miss it as there is a cell tower beaming out 4g's to Boondockers of the high plains desert...but not quite to RV parkers in Virgin (sigh).

Another day of boring, cloudless, blue skies...and remember, folks, it's almost Thanksgiving! Yum, this place November-lishous!  

Bikers have the right-of-way...

Now guess who in this photo is from Sunny Florida and who's from up north?

Look closely at the above photo...can you see the canal etched into the right hand cliff face? It was built around the early 1900's to bring irrigation water to the valley below...a valley that's above the Virgin River. It was a massive undertaking...drilling tunnels, blasting rock, working on cliff faces that would pucker a normal man's butt. 

Hurricane on the left of the bridge; La Verkin on the right. Red foothills of Kayenta and Snow Canyon wrap the feet of Pine Mountain.

Opposing viewpoints....

"I'm-too-hot" Debbie wonders where the shade is. 

I found this top-to-bottom crack interesting. Eventually, after a few more freeze and thaws of winter, that segment of monolith will break free and crash into the canyon. I wonder, if there is no one to hear it will it make a sound?

China town wash waterfall...named, no doubt, after the Chineese worker camps that sprang up to build the canal. 

After this shot, Jim took a few more steps toward the edge. A collective "JIM" went up as a chorus from the group.


  1. Hmm those ledges not for me at all, gotta be at least 20 feet away and then some.
    But looks like y'all had a great day.

  2. Another beautiful day exploring with great company:) Most of the photos are gorgeous...we didn't that last one, thank you!!

  3. Your tribe wears November well....

  4. I don't mind edges but think Jim is pushing his luck. That canal looks cool from way up there.

  5. The only way to really enjoy the view is to "hang 10" on the ledge.

  6. Gotta go gotta go gotta go. It has been way tooo long since I hung out in red rock country. So, you keep mentioning Hurricane, and I have incredible memories from the early 90's of some hot springs there. They were natural pools along the river at the time. Are they still? Can you still go there or has it gone tourist...

  7. I'll hang off, but only if I'm on my belly! My boots are collecting dust, wish we were there!


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