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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Metamorphosis Road Rolls Into Lovely Ouray

Lisa and Hans of Metamorphosis Road arrived in Lovely Ouray for a couple of weeks of hiking and biking and Brew Pubing. They even brought along their RV entourage of Jen and Deas, and Merianna and Brian; you meet the nicest people in RVs, and sometimes you just want to take them with you.

Between our work schedules and their social calendar, It's been hard to get together. But yesterday, while Bobbie was in Montrose crossing errands off the list, I took Lisa and Hans on a one of our more colorful hikes (in the absence of wild flower blooms, still a couple of weeks away), to Vernon Mine at the base of Red Mountain, via Gray Copper Gulch. It's a heel blistering, toe jamming, lung burning trail, but our new RV friends are avid hikers, in good shape, and took it in stride. I always forget how steep that trail is till the descent :((.  

If you will pardon the obligatory "up nose" shot, I'll get on with introductions. Hans has moved around a lot in his lifetime. Looks like that's not going to change for a while now that they live in a Montana Fiver. They sold out of San Diego, where Lisa, a life long resident and active explorer, was into "reruns" of old stomping ground and in desperate needed new material. Now, the good ole' USA is their oyster, and that should keep them busy for several years.

 It was a great day, and the rain held off till we got back to the truck. Next up, Ice Lake...the bluest pond on God's green earth :)).


  1. Yah! SO happy you guys were able to meet-up. We first met Lisa & Hans pre-RV in San Diego and have crossed paths a couple of times since.
    Pretty darn lovely hike you all managed!

  2. Looks like you have a great time with friends! Beautiful photos of the scenery.

    How's your new "job" going?

  3. That hike looks awfully familiar but for some reason I don't remember it being that steep. Did you take them the longer, harder way?:)

  4. We are loving Ouray and it's awesome to meet up with a local who knows the area like the back of his hand AND loves to hike too! Thanks for taking us on a beautiful hike Mark. Really looking forward to Ice Lake tomorrow.

    Gonna check out Mr. Grumpy Pants tonight...

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  5. So jealous! Wish we were along for the adventure.

    Have a wonderful time with Hans and Lisa. They are so much fun to hike with. We really enjoy our times with them.

    I love the red topped mountains. Beautiful!

  6. Always nice to hang out with RVers and show them around your stomping grounds.

  7. Wheeling Nina,
    It's nice they dropped into Lovely Ouray...tho I wish the wildflowers were putting on a show. But Hans and Lisa will catch them down the road in a couple of weeks on the other side of the Rockies. It's great to run into active RV'ers who are up for hikes and mountain bike rides.

    Maybe we'll cross paths with you guys someday...a near meet up in Bisbee, remember? I've got to pay more attention! :)

    Desert Diva,
    I love hiking and snowshoeing near Red Mountain...always a good photo op.
    Re: the job...It's going fine. I think three days would be better than four, tho. Actually, zero would be the best, but summer paychecks help offset fall/winter/spring travels. October will be here before we know it! thanks, D D.

    Jim and Gayle,
    Wow...how soon you forget the huffing and puffing and steepness and thin air! I guess a good hike is like childbirth...you forget the pain and memories are all fond :))
    (Easy for me to say, eh ladies?)
    Good luck on your test results, JIm!

    You are welcome... :)
    We'll see you in a couple of hours for Ice Lakes!!! We can take the Subaru this time if you trust me driving over Red Mountain.
    Hope you enjoyed the funky Ouraylehouse Brewery and Mr. Grumpy Pants :) What a business model, eh?

    John and Pam,
    We wish you were here too...I don't know about crossing Kansas's tornado alley in peak season. Didn't you see The Wizard of Oz? :)
    thanks, and keep an eye on the weather channel.

    Indeed...you get to do that every day, don't you?

  8. Coloradois on the places to go list for next year. We were parked next to a couple here in Moab who love it there too. OUtah and Silverton were both mentioned as spots not to miss. Your pictures are beautiful!

    Enjoy your friends and fellow hikers...nothing like the great outdoors to get the "WOW!" in your day! God Bless America!

  9. Looks like you two are undaunted by the heat in Moab...if it gets too hot it's only a couple of hours to Cool Colorado Mountains :))
    Have fun, maybe we'll see you next year.

  10. Damn , I really have to hurry & finish my trailer , so I can start retirement before they put condo's up there and charge admission.

    Great pictures, keep up the good work.


  11. Mark, it was nice to meet you while we were in Ouray, if only very briefly. We hoped to meet up with you again - we are tentatively planning to cross through Ouray again in a few months and will try to get in touch with you then if we do!

  12. Nealysonwheels,
    Same here...please do give a shout when you come back through Lovely Ouray. We'll have a B B Q, beer, and gaze out the Imax Windows at all the purdy mountains :)
    Thanks, mark

    C J,
    Thank you much!!!


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