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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dyed and gone to Heaven

Lisa and Hans of Team Metamorphosis Road (love that name!) joined us for a hike to one of our favorite "post cards" yesterday, Ice Lakes. I always get a thrill out of dragging RV friends above timberline to show off the unimaginable brilliance of this sapphire gem.

The prettiest of Ice Lakes sits in a glacier carved bowl at 12,257 feet...hemmed in a rusted, craggy ridge line so purdy it makes your eyes bleed. The Reward/Effort ratio makes this hike a no-brainer, but keep an eye out for approaching storms and lighting because there is no place to hide above timberline. 

It's interesting to listen to the first words that pass from dropped jaws as the insanely blue water of Ice Lake comes into view. It looks unreal, like something out of Disneyland, or heaven, like someone sneaked up there and dumped a couple ore cars full of copper sulfate in it. 

I don't know what causes one Ice Lake to be outrageously blue, while another one next door is rather bland and dull. Sky? Mineral content? Optical illusion? Color starts as electromagnetic waves of light (energy). Sunlight, for example, has all the colors of the rainbow, and depending on the material, the sun's light will either be reflected or absorbed. We see as color the light that gets reflected. 

However color happens, I'm glad it does. I like postcards. And I like well seasoned pork loin grilled over an open fire, along with potatoes, salad, and a continuous beer sampler that never runs dry—all of which was served up by Lisa and Hans after our fine day of hiking. :) 

I know how Boonie hates post cards and decries going in search of them. But maybe, dear friend, if you think of it this way (I don't know why I keep trying to convert an unrepentant lost soul): Scenery is to the eyes, what tastebuds are to food, and I know how you savor a tasty pastry and good cup of strong coffee when sitting outside Backstreet Bistro, ignoring the stunning town and mountain beauty that swallows one up in Lovely Ouray.    

Click on this LINK to view a High Def video of Marathon Man Leonard taking a cool dip in Ice Lakes last summer. You may want to grab a blanket and some hot chocolate :))


  1. I don't think I have seen anything quite so beautiful...ever!

  2. One of my favorite hikes! I remember Bobbie pointing with her hiking stick and directing us safely over the water on the journey to Ice Lake. I can smell the fresh clean mountain air as I look at your post card photo's. Grilled pork roast always taste better after a hike and of coarse a couple of beers to replenish fluids.
    John Q

  3. Just watching the video gave me brain freeze! I think alpine meadows and lakes and the mountains surrounding them are possibly my very favorite places on earth! Thanks for sharing them with us!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  4. I think you folks must be part Mt Goat.

  5. Walden Creek Rv steveJune 20, 2013 at 7:00 PM

    As usual -relaxing at end of day -getting my western fix via post cards from Mark- drinking a nice cold beer- one I dare say mark has never sampled== from the New Glarus Brewing Company= Spotted Cow !! Not bad-

  6. Wonderful, beautiful hike!! Crossing rushing streams adds a little excitement. The lake reminds me of a little Crater Lake.

    I love that you are wearing jackets! Send just a little cool air our way. It was only 89 today but felt 96. Our first time in over a year where the felt temp was higher than the actual temp.

  7. If you didn't seem like such a nice guy, write such poetic prose, and take such stunning photographs, it would REALLY be easy to let ENVY creep in with hikes to places like this! ;-)

    Love the tie-dyed subject line...

  8. Thanks for "taking me along" on a beautiful hike.

    I must visit Ouray! :-)

  9. Such an amazing color of blue and more excellent pictures of you hike.
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Gay and Joe,
    If you wait two more weeks, when the wildflowers are in the midst of their glory, you will be revising that comment. :)

    John Q,
    Indeed, Bobbie knows the best places to cross streams :) We will b b q when you and Steve get here...bring beer!

    I told you to get a blanket :) Marathon Man Lenard is a crazy som-bitch. :)

    Just call me "Billy."

    Walden Steve,
    Bring some Spotted Cow with you!!!

    John and Pam,
    Yes, and I have skinny dipped in the real Crater Lake and I can say full out...It's as cold as Ice Lake!

    When you tire of the Smokies, go west young girl, go west! (unless it's winter, then go Southwest.)
    Love your last post on RV Groups :) Check it out BCB Readers!!!

    Desert Diva,
    It was nice having you along...wait, did I miss something? Soon, I hope :)

    Grilling Geo,
    U R welcome. What's on the Grill Tonight?

    Thanks all.... Mark


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