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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Reel Bear Creek Highlights, or... Gone With The Wind

I put together a little six minute highlight video of hiking Bear Creek for your Memorial Weekend enjoyment... in case you are trapped indoors by rain, or forty MPH winds like we're having here in the Crevice. God... is there anything more torturous than gale force winds? It's Natures equivalent to water-boarding; I've told Her everything I know and She relents not. 

I enjoy the symbiotic chemistry of blending photographs with video. Thanks to Ken Burns we now have the ability to animate still photos... we can focus in or pan just as we would with video. In fact, we can make a "movie" from still photos alone. But a mix of video and stills gives the broadest view... the best of both worlds... and better relates the "entirety" of a landscape. Better still, is the ability to add mood with a music soundtrack. Music can magically transform a boring home movie into "art." 

I hope your weather is kinder/gentler than ours. Enjoy the video and have a great weekend. 
Thanks for checking in.  Mark.

Click link below to view. 

Precipitous Hike above Bear Creek to Yellow Jacket Mine


  1. Awesome! And great tunes to go with!!!

    Have a great weekend yourself, but duh... look where you are!

  2. Nice video. Feels like you took us along.

    Wind has been blasting here too.

  3. Meowmamma,
    Yes, tis pretty here, eh? Looking so forward to this summer.

    I guess the whole west is under attack by high winds. This morning it is calm tho... and I must work at the pool when I should be hiking. Oh well.

    Thanks for taking a peek at my video.

  4. Darin,
    I thought you might appreciate Yukon Blonde... the harmonies are so rich...

  5. Beautiful video! Our 5 year old grandson watched it and immediately said "Colorado!". I asked him how he knew and he said "I see a man hiking and there are lots of mountains!". After only being in Colorado once, he already says he wants to live there. Smart kid!
    Illinois has also had days of 50 mph winds which have gotten very old. Just spent the weekend camping at the river with all of the family in record setting 90's. Too early here for hot and dry! Makes me thankful I didn't have to live through the Dust Bowl.

  6. C and M,
    Well, misery loves company... It's good to know we are not alone in our bad weather. The winds have past, cool weather is back with a low of 29 !!!, but the sun shines. Now all we need is rain.
    Grandson should buy a house here :)) You have spoiled him too young, he won't be happy till he moves here.
    See you in July.

  7. Great video! Brings back fond memories of my Bear Creek hike back in July 2009 and running into Wandrin Lloyd on the same trail. I don't think you would want to hike this trail in icey conditions. Many spots where the trail narrows with loose slate but the scenery is spectacular. I only hiked to the Grizzly Bear Mine which is 4.8 miles one way. I often wonder how they moved the heavy and large mining equipment shown in your video over the narrow trail?
    Looks like you have another week of sunny 70 degree days ahead of you.

  8. John Q,
    I wonder the same thing about heavy equipment.

    Bear Creek is one of our favorite hikes, we will attempt to hike on up to Engineer Pass next time... another two miles beyond Yellow Jacket Mine. The snow is almost gone... sure hope it rains this summer.

    We'll see you in July. Bring your hiking poles.
    thanks, mark


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