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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Two Old Broads and Crash Hike Smack Dab Through Ms Autumn's Palette On Cutler Trail

 "...if I were a bird, I would fly about the Earth seeking successive autumns."  George Eliot

I know, I know. Brevity makes for a fond heart. But seriously, folks, if only fall would last as long as winter, well...wouldn't that be something?

Following an all-night sprinkle-fest, a ceiling of misty clouds rolled over mountains and ridge lines on a soft breeze. A bone chilling dampness hung in the air as we donned packs at Cutler's Trailhead. The mood kinda fit the change of seasons, a prelude to winter, one might say, as we set off for a taste of Ms Autumn's annual "brushwork."

Cloud-filtered light popped the glow of aspen against subdued backgrounds of dark timber. Perhaps erratic best describes Ms Autumn. Like an unpredictable mother-in-law, she might hang around anywhere from a few days to a month, before packing bags and moving south. The wake of her exit always seems to kick up winds that strips color from hillsides, leaving behind a bland 50 shades of grayness that sets the tone for six long months of winter.  

Peace out!
Be sure to check in for a chuckle on Bobbie's weekly youtube videos, "Getting High With Two Old Broads."
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mark and bobbie


  1. Mark & Bobbie ,We can't help but believe you did this hike thru Aspen Heaven for us ....OMG it was like we were right there and that's the weather we like, really feels like Autumn and we definitely appreciated it even if this was the case OR NOT !
    We love all the pictures of leaves, the forrest floor look OMG it was perfect, made our MORNING:)
    Thank You from Sonoma Couty , The Russian River & Guerneville , California
    Love You Both
    D & A

    1. I agree, the colors and fog/mist creates an Aspen Heaven :)

  2. The aspens are gorgeous! Someday I'll have to come out your way to experience them.

  3. We get the same greyness in winter but never the brilliiant yellows of your Aspen lining the mountain slopes.

  4. Love that George Eliot quote. Wish I was there to enjoy the Fall scenery with you guys.

  5. Truly the perfect photographic representation of this quote: “Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

  6. Thanks for bringing the fall colors to Southern California.

    1. And Florida.......just beautiful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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