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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

On Pins and Needles


There are more pins and needles around here than the kind that draws blood and flattens tires. I'm talking mountains with steepled ridge lines, pinnacles that boggle the mind and swoons the heart. Throw in a few clouds and mild temps and it's about as close to heaven as one can get on planet earth.

As I think back on my disappointment and anger at not finding a site at McDowell Mountain's sweet abundance of groomed granite bike trails that go on forever, I'm almost embarrassed by the serendipity of landing in an equal, if not better, recreational paradise boondock. Maybe there is a God, after all.  

Though rain lightened to pitter-pats as I rolled into camp, clouds hung around for a couple days. They snuggled the Superstitions in vaporous mists of splendor that had me feeling as if I had found the Lost Dutchman's gold.

This in the view out my window.

Not having a car, another stroke of serendipitous good fortune was that I found a site that was only a fifteen minute walk to a trailhead with more miles than you have energy to hike, trails that go so deep and so far you would need a backpack to explore the many inner sanctums of novel wildness. 

My first day went something like this...

Peace out and keep moving. Here's hoping for a happier new year.


  1. I think you struck gold! A hikers utopia of pay dirt trails, perfect weather, and precious solitude!

  2. Beautiful photos!!! Thank you!!
    And yes, there is a God.
    Enjoy the good life!!
    Don in Okla.

  3. Great trails, have fun and a Happy New Year.

  4. Would be so nice to explore new trails and have warm weather...Stuck in Mn.

  5. If you are happy we are happy and with winter comes Arid zona skies at the prettiest. Sounds like we are gong to have a decent winter in the west in 2021 so things should be looking great down your way until Spring. Hope Bobbie can get out of Lovely Ouray ,I think they are headed for a record breaking snow fall in 2021.
    Stay Thirsty My Friend
    D & A

  6. Oh my goodness that is just gorgeous. I can smell the air and feel the breeze in those skies. I miss those skies. Maybe we will head south that far this winter...but maybe need to call on friends who will be willing to privately share that bookdock site...


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