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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A Wind-Down Slick Rock Wander With Pal Chris

Chris and I stumbled into some "new dots" just before leaving Camp Klondike. 

It helps to remember sunnier days when I come home to snow in Lovely Ouray...
Peace Out

We were back in camp by the time thunderstorms caught up with us...


  1. Wow, more AWESOMENESS and you know me I love weather and clouds and just look at those images of that storm, OMG NOW THIS WAS THE GRAND FINALLY FOR SURE.
    Wished we would have discover this kind of adventure 35 yrs ago, but we were having adventures all over the place then too, there is just so much Wild Nature to explore in our country.
    We will never forget the time in Sequoia Nat'l Park, we had just returned from a visit to France and we ran into a group of bankers with BPN in Paris and we naturally heard then speaking so we had to meet them and oh my God were they every blown away by the big Trees, there lst time to the US and had been wanting to see Sequoia Nat'l Park first and foremost, well what a visit we had with them . That's what the Natural World does to us humans and it makes us all brothers .
    Good Night and So Long Arches, until next year....we will be waiting :)

  2. Agree Doug, it makes us all brothers and sisters, and Mark your grand finale storm and the contours and colors of history and even the black and white images are out of this world stunning, thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the reminder of that beautiful landscape. It is so different from the sea of trees where I now find myself. Chris

  4. The sunset storm is just lovely. I regret that I didn't make it to the Moab/Canyonlands region this spring, but I'm hoping for a visit in the fall. Enjoy your return to the snow. We too have snow in the forecast on Thursday. I know these spring storms just make for mud and slippery slop that isn't that much fun for driving, cycling, really anything ... but I still look forward to the possibility. :)

  5. Amazing Photos And That BLK & White Shot Is A Real Beauty - Well Done


  6. We got skunked at a formerly favorite campsite nearby to your Camp Klondike. I almost rode my bike to your general area to see if I could find you but then my rear shock blew out (it was on the day of that storm!!!). That sent us into town instead of on a quest to visit you... and then our plans completely changed.

    I see why you love that site so much. What cool rock formations and landscape near you.

    Moab is getting crazy busy... I was a bit disgusted some days so we moved on. I hope that you're home now!


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