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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Layered Up in Lovely Ouray

It's not so much the snowstorms that dump feet of White Plague on Lovely Ouray, as it is the deep, penetrating arctic cold that follows in their wake. This morning I was Aqua Velva slapped in the face with a minus 25 degree windchill when I stepped out to shovel a skiff snow from the deck. Hmmm. Might have to pull on some long pants today...

Yesterday's high was a balmy 22 degrees. We had a foot of new snow needing to be plowed and, with no volunteers stepping forward, it fell to me and Plowboy to get 'er done, you know, while it's still light and fluffy. Bobbie did come out to shovel some of the hard-to-get places. Bless her heart.

It takes Low Range 4WD and chains on all four tires to push snow out of the way, especially from our notorious and vertiginous driveway. Sheesh, I'm beginning to run out of places to pile the damn stuff.   

I must confess there is a certain virgin-like beauty fresh white snow adds to the landscape. In a few days our "dove" will be soiled with road cinders and salted sand...a grimy mess for sure. Come April, well that's "Mud Season." As with human beings, perfection is short lived, if not an illusion.    

No problem farming ice at Ouray's world-renowned Ice Park this year. The week-long "Ice Fest" competition gets started on the 23rd of this month. I'm thinking we'll be on our way south by then...if the snow let's up. 

So no whining from all our Rv friends shivering down in Arid-zona. Remember my second most favorite adage, right behind "Life is Good:"   "It could be worse." 

Now get yourself outside and explore some of Earth's wonderful backcountry.
Peace Out dear readers!
Layered Up in Lovely Ouray,
mark and bobbie


  1. Okay, we won't complain that it was 28 here this morning. At least it's sunny and getting into the low 50s this afternoon.
    Hey, you bought the plow so you should be happy to be able to get to use it!

  2. Sure brings back a lot of memories of our years plowing and shoveling snow and slipping on ice when we lived in Rocky Point. Reminds me very nicely why we moved over the mountain to Grants Pass, no more pretty white stuff. If I need a fix, I'll go visit it, but so far that urge hasn't surfaced. We will wave when we are south, leaving here January 22nd and eventually will be in Tucson toward the end of the month. You too perhaps?

  3. Nothing purdier than a winter scene of fresh snow or peaking Aspens;(in the San Juans of Colorado of course) !!!
    So on NY's Eve we had one laptop trained on the Crystal Ball in Times Square and on the other lap top had the live cam on the Ouray Brewery trying to catch some early revelers stumbling out into that foot of snow, thought maybe we might recognize a familiar face or two. .....but we fell asleep before any off it happened :) (didn't really care about the Crystal Ball, oh well just hope you had a great evening.
    Then at 10:30pm we were awaken by some "lose cannon" lighting off the professional grade M200X bombs within a block of our home, 1 every 15 minutes, a total of 5 in all, poor Rocky don't think he every got to sleep after that, then at 5:30am some other wing nut across the river shot off 2 bombs and woke up the whole town I imagine.....probably just a couple of Trumpsters celebrating Making America Great Again ; oh ye'll every once in awhile a few of them try to get settled in town but they don't last long. :)
    We will be sending you more snow first of next week, so rest up, get in some laps at the pool, or you may be wishing you'd left last week.
    You can't every post too many snow scenes though so don't be shy.
    :) Cheers

  4. Nope, I'm complaining about 28 last night. My purty non-native species are not enjoying this one little bit. I will say that it warmed up this afternoon, and I got a little sunburn on my nose while outside.
    That is a bodacious plow you've got.

  5. Yep! 30 degrees this morning here in Quartzsite. But clear and sunny. Snow in Tucson of all places. We're finishing up adding a full bathroom in our Casita. It was mui Frio while working.

    Your fresh snow is beautiful. What? No snowball fights? It would be too tempting for a prankster like me. Bobbie would get one square in the back. Then I'd run like hell.����

  6. I'm loving the snow that does not last for weeks in Prescott! Ouray's deep snow and frigid temps would be a little too long lasting for this wimp! You two are a couple of hardy souls!

  7. When you live in the snow zone, ya gotta have power tools. Serious stuff, 4WD low and chains on all 4 corners,I have a career goal never to experience that 1st hand. I'll live it vicariously through you. Hope to see y'all when you get down to AZ. With any luck we'll be out of the 30's by the time you get here.......

  8. Warm and cozy here in Florida. Fun seeing your beautiful snow and all its toys. Minus 28 does not sound beautiful. Once upon a time I lived where there was "some" snow which didn't last long and I preferred to the freezing temps which seemed to last forever. So what snow adventures are you planning? Bobsledding? Snow shoe hiking? Ice climbing?

  9. It has really warmed up over here. It was in the 40's today, which felt like summer to me :) I hope that you are getting the warmth too!


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