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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Languid Days In Lovely Ouray: A Winter Season Out Of Whack

Greetings from Ground Zero for global warming, drought, and disease...

While The Eastern Half of the country suffers through one of the worst winters on record, mountain folk who live west of Colorado's Continental Divide are running around in shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops. What gives? 

Who would figure that one of the mildest winters ever would also become one of the worst for cold/flu. Being a victim of the most recent drug-resistent virus...one that likely originates, mutates, and spreads from the bowels, filth and running noses that abound in the petri-dishes of Daycare Centers (secret research centers for biological weapons development)...I resorted to self-diagnosis and treatment at the Hot Springs Pool. 

My treatment theory rests on the premise that "Fever" is the body's natural mechanism for killing seasonal disease, and that I should be able to replicate this by total immersion into 105 degree hot springs pool water for intervals of no less than 60 minutes, or until core temperature reaches 104.5 degrees, which ever comes first. 

Be it "forced fever" or mad science, after only two treatments I turned the corner on my bug from Hell.
(Warning: Consult your physician before attempting ATI, Artificial Temperature Induction therapy).

Still, we got out and about, summer-like temps such that I'm beginning to have second thoughts about the need to go south this year.  

Oak Creek Trail, with Arianne, Kelli, Caleb and Bobbie...


The Gals...Backdrop provided by Lovely Ouray.

Finishing up the 7 mile Perimeter Trail.

A few days ago, as I was feeling better and Bobbie was succumbing to the bug (sorry, dear), Caleb, Kelly and I went for a little hike around the Ice Park and town. The annual Ice Festival starts in a couple of weeks; Lovely Ouray will be "hopping" with ice-climbers and tourists and a circus-like atmosphere.

Looking down walls of ice from above as climbers practice...

From the Ice Park we headed down to the Box Canyon Falls, just for fun. 

Then I showed Kelli and Caleb Ouray's super secret riverside hot springs, tucked away just down stream. It felt about 106...just right for ATI :).

Getting back out, however, proved harder than getting down 

Bobbie invited 3 "single" friends over for Christmas dinner...warning them that we had the bug. 2 out of the 3 braved our disease and showed up. Leon was too sick and fighting his own version. Missed you buddy...

Slow charcoal-grilled pork roast...mmmmm.
Left to right: Donna Lee, Barb, and Bobbie.

That's the news from Lovely Ouray...
Where all the women are strong, 
all the men are good-looking, 
and all the children are busy making weapons of mass destruction.

Lovely sky and clouds over The Amphitheater 
Kelli stops by the church where she was married a little over a year ago...
Peace out,
mark and bobbie...wondering where winter is hiding.


  1. The weather this year is so weird! It's not raining in Seattle, which is unheard of. Glad you are feeling better. We're adopting a policy of only making quick forays into the grocery store (avoiding the soup aisle because sick people go there) and then staying home or outside the rest of the time.

  2. What's up with the hats at dinner? Did somebody lose a bet? And where is the picture of you with your hat?


    1. We had door prizes at each plate...every one got a toy and a hat and a riddle to solve. I was wearing my "Life Sucks" hat :).

  3. Is that huge aquatic center in Ouray? Why is it empty? Unheated? Really bugs me when I see a GREAT aquatic center but it's outdoors and not heated!

  4. Dang Mark!! You muz be sumpin' tuh 'tract all those wimmin!! Beautiful photos!

  5. Hard to believe this is Ouray at the end of December. Hope winter arrives soon with a ton of moisture. Hope you and Bobbie are both feeling better:)

  6. Even with this extended brown season, Ouray is still lovely. I'm back to enjoying long dirt rides to 9,000 and 10,000 feet, but I too long for better coverage of white stuff.

  7. There is so much evidence of weird seasonal changes, who can deny global warming!!

  8. I have to agree with your assertion of young children being Petri dishes for disease. After a week with my grandchildren I am now recovering from the flu, and I had the shot. That ATI therapy at the hot spring really looks great.

    1. This year's flu shot was discovered to be only 10% effective. WTF?

    2. That's why I don't get the shot!

  9. What a bizarre winter...clearly the drought in the SW is not over yet.

  10. Hot Springs....the cure for WHATEVER ails!

  11. Great tip, the next time I get a bad cold Im finding a hot tub pronto. Love that Hot Springs pool shot, wish we had one in Guerneville.
    Good news is coming, the rains have arrived on the West coast, even bigger systems next week and they will all be headed your way.
    Sure strange seeing you in Ouray in January.
    Ok, get Bobbie in that hot water and get back to doing what you do best.

  12. Great post. Wish I had a spot to take your thermal tx. Day 27 with the bug here. Our springs are only 70 degrees. Great for when you guys haven't sucked up all our heat. Give it back NOW!

  13. Is that someone's head near the bottom of the lady in the black bikini?


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