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Friday, January 26, 2018

Carpe Diem

If I had a "do-over" for my higher education, it would be to major in Geology instead of Psych. Maybe then I wouldn't wander around mountains and deserts mumbling, "What the fuck?"

Like how does this happen? Two opposing geological worlds collide, one smooth and white, one rough and red. It would help to see it in time-lapse mode. 

I guess it's never too late to go back to school, but, given that I can almost count the grains of sand left in the "hourglass," never mind that the humongous pile at the bottom, I'd rather be outside on a "field trip" instead of sitting in some stuffy class, staring through dirty windows, wishing I was out there "seizing the day." 

Eventually, there comes the day when tomorrow cannot be trusted... 

Modern man is so insulated these days. Fewer and fewer people bear witness to the raw, wonderful world that surrounds their urban "bubbles." We go from cushy climate controlled houses to cushy climate controlled cars to cushy climate controlled offices to cushy climate controlled gyms, and circle like vultures in search of parking that saves a few steps. Oh what a joy to live a pampered American life.  

We pushed a little deeper into Grapevine, beyond the spandex, flip-flops, and Under Armored madness of the "petroglyph zone." To the best of our knowledge, we shared the upper canyon with only one other couple, whom we only saw briefly before going on separate expeditions.

It was a beautiful hike on a beautiful day: Puffs of cottontail clouds in a sea of cerulean blue. Perfect for photos. 

Grapevine's wash eventually narrowed into a nifty little mini slot. We managed a way up and out after being confronted with an abrupt pour-off exit, then resumed our trek. The terrain gradually morphed into something reminiscent of Joshua Tree...with its improbably balanced rocks and ghostly shaped boulders. I ended up taking 170 photos. These few I share with you... 

Bobbie extricates herself from the mini slot...

A tsunami of ominous clouds rolled from the northwest. Fearing a loss of good light, we popped up out of the wash to squeeze in a few more photos, then wandered hillsides choked with lovely granite boulders and innumerable wait-a-minute bushes...armed with nefarious fishhook thorns that snag clothes and rip skin. Gotcha! It appeared we would fall victim to the day's 20% chance of rain. It barely spat... 

Caught completely unprepared for the dozen or so drops of rain, we were fortunate to survive. 

Hearding through the grapevines...

One more look at "Postcards" on the way out, trying to decipher intent and symbolism.
Who knows...

Seizing the day,

Mark and Bobbie, On the road...


  1. Stunning and beautiful! especially the spotty dark clouds casting a glow on the smooth rocks, loverly. Thx for sharing!

  2. Your photos today are perfect desert day photos, the sky, the dark clouds, the granite, the red fishooks. Best part is that today I don't have to be horribly jealous, we are heading south on Sunday. Yippee! I kept thinking I was looking at Joshua Tree. And by the way, an earth science degree gives lots of outdoor time, but working in an earth science was the good part for me, so it was worth it. Although I was only in my mid 30s' when I finally finished school. I wouldn't even THINK about going back to school for anything right now. Carpe Diem.

  3. Coincidentally I sat through an hour long geology talk just last weekend. It was interesting but I find it hard to retain what I learn these days, so I would just rather be out hiking.
    Those dark clouds sure look like they would have dropped more than a dozen raindrops but they made for some great photos.

  4. Exquisite day on the trail! I cannot wait to get out of the big city and back to the desert!

  5. It is a fun canyon to explore with beautiful rock formations and colors. It doesn't look like you made it to the falls. I was wondering if there was water for your visit. No water for us.

    1. The only water we came across was in the "grapevine" section. Continued on from there a long ways but never encountered the "falls." But with no water, who would know :).
      thanks, mark

  6. We are in "Q". Most of our fellow boondockers have moved on, but we're still here. Not hiking "grapevines" or any other canyons, but just enjoying the serenity, vistas and sunsets. Enjoy your southern sojourn. We're in the same neighborhood, so to speak.

  7. Beautiful hike on a gorgeous day, enjoyed every frame, especially the red needle cactus growing out of a boulder, that always amazes me. Let's do another one tomorrow, Im not going any place tomorrow so I will meet you on the trail :)

  8. Great pictures again , really like the red catcus.


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