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Friday, November 11, 2016

Confession, good for the soul of an Addict

The sun did come up after all, so a few members of "The Gang" went in search of a little Slot Canyon Solace yesterday, an attempt to put the election behind us, renew spirits, hopes, dreams... directions. 

A few weeks ago "something" clicked, or maybe "snapped" is a better word. After reading Spotted Dogs "final" blog post... watching the "Ted Talk" she linked to... the one that caused her to rethink, reevaluate, and reverse course, if you will, and go "cold turkey" off the new crack cocaine addiction we now commonly refer to as "Social Media," I decided to follow her lead. The BCB was laid to rest without so much as a goodbye... like a massive heart attack, boom. Gone. Too much time; so little reward. And, fittingly, no one really seemed to notice. Ok, three people noticed...

It's not the first time I've quit blogging. It's a testament to the highly addictive properties of America's new "drug," Social Media... you can even major in it at college these days. 

It is a DRUG, you know... always on your desk, in your pocket... in your hand!  Hell, it even accompanies us to the crapper. That's right, America can't even take a shit without their God Dammed Device!  

The sign said, "Warning: Devices will not work beyond this point. Proceed at your own risk!"
 I tried to calculate the amount of time I waste on S. M. and it was shocking. So I began to wonder, as I'm prone to do, what might be accomplished if "wasted time" was redirected to something else, like writing, painting... communicating with other people by mouth instead of text. You know, talking... the kind where you say something, then I say something, then you say something...  That's how we made friends in the olden days, by striking up a conversation face to face, eye to eye (shudder). 
Wonder where this path leads?
 There's no better place to get to know someone than where "devices" don't work. 

Where was I... Oh yes, I stopped blogging; Basically it had become a Time-suck. I wondered if I might be avoiding something... a couple of dreams, a project... Bobbie?

Funny how addictions work. It was easy to not blog... for a while. I didn't quit taking photos, though, so they began to stack up... hundreds, thousands! It seemed wasteful. WTF, am I going to quit being a photographer too? I mean, why take photos only to file them away in the dark recesses of a hard-drive? I looked at my little Cannon, strapped on my belt loop like always, never out of reach. Lord. Are cameras devices too? Lines were getting blurred. My hands began to tremble... not much, just a little. What does that mean?

So if a former blogger is not going to blog anymore, why continue to take photos? 

Looking deeper, I think I was still angry. Angry?  Ok, jealous. There. I said it. Not proud of it. 

This demonstrates the insidious nature of "S. M. addiction;"  I hate to admit, but if I'm going to beat this habit I've got to come clean, stand up, say it in front of the "group," the world. "Hello. My name is Mark Johnson and I'm an S. M. addict... uh, not SadoMasochism, Social Media... blogging to be specific, with a little Facebook on the side. 

I know it sounds pathetic, but I like "likes," "shares," and "comments." I like the way they make me feel. God. How fucking shallow is that! Poor Pathetic Bastard. 

But if it happened to me It can happen to you! Maybe it already has. Be honest, now, because if you've reached the point of being able to lie to yourself and believe it, "recovery" will be long and hard, my friend. 

So without a blog, no platform to display photos, no way to share "the beauty," no "pulpit" from which to preach, no stage to tell a story, zero comments instead of 3 or 5 or, on a good day, maybe 10 (while RV Sue gets hundreds?), no way to get a "Fix" of recognition...  Hey, look at me. I am somebody! Well, let's just say it was a "hard landing." Anonymity is like solitary confinement... it feels like a vacuum... not enough air. Oh for a nice clean needle...

Who am I without a pulpit, a camera, an audience? Do I still exist? Hollywood is full of insecure, needy people. Maybe the blogosphere is just another "Hollywood," for people who aren't pretty enough? 

Then there's the trend to deal with... where practically everybody has a blog of some sort be it RV, travel, sewing, quilting, painting, photography, family. 

In case you haven't noticed, the RV industry is blowing up. RV parks are full, campgrounds are overrun, boondockers are proliferating. Recreation is on fire, exploration is driving ever-expanding markets for SUVs, 4WDs, ATVs, Motorcycles, toys, and Toy Haulers. Everyone has a Go Pro... including newly retired Boomers, who seem to be clogging up the backroads with bigger and bigger rigs, more toys, and enough solar panels to light a small town. 

Everyone blog and blog and blogs nowadays. The pie is getting sliced to death. There seems to be nothing new, no place that hasn't been seen and written up a hundred times. 

Why continue? Why would any sane person keep spending what little time they have left blogging? Even professional athletes must eventually hang up their cleats... retire, move on, find new interests, fill all that time they have post retirement. 

Am I back or am I gone? Is this the "farewell" post. I hope so. Maybe if I can get back to blogging for the right reasons, lose a little sensitivity about comments... stop equating them with approval. 

Maybe I'll just put up photos... no story, no mood swings, no sermons, no big time investment, no expectations. Just bare naked photos. 

Mark, Undecided... still in "recovery," somewhere in Utah, hiking, mountain biking, and living out the "third act" as a Free Bird. 


  1. Wow, deep thoughts! I blog because I like too... I find it delightful, entertaining and educational. And no I not talking about to my audience I am talking about "to me" and so I will continue to do so as long as I am entertained. If it is taking away from something else then I am confused since I mostly do things I like to do so blogging must be one of them. Lovely country we live in that allows each of us to persue whatever fancies us...

  2. Oh Mark. Selfish selfish selfish. Not you, Me. Please oh please oh please keep blogging. You aren't an alcoholic. A blog now and then won't make you fall off the wagon, but will keep the rest of us in a happy place. Your pictures, and yes absolutely, your words, make a difference in my little life. They do. I wait for them, I miss them when they wane, and I treasure when the picture come through on Facebook. But your words remind me of something, bring back thoughts that get lost in the shuffle. Your words are often words of thoughts I can't express, and when you write them, I get to say "ahahaaa...I am not alone". So selfishly, please keep blogging and posting your words and your photos which often really make my day.

  3. If it is any consolation or encouragement, I have missed your postings! You should continue your blog for all it is worth. We appreciate you and your postings.

  4. First off I do enjoy reading BCB.
    Second. Change the name from Mark to Barney and you have my dilemma for the last two years. You have expressed it very well thank you.
    Third. I do not have the answer yet.
    Thanks for writing anyway.

  5. As a blogger who has tried to quit the addiction more times than I can count, I get where you're coming from, I really do. But as a reader, I would be very sad to never see your lovely photos or read your always refreshingly honest commentary. Maybe instead of viewing blogging as a method of validation from others, think of it as a way to inspire others. Also, I always say that if I didn't write a blog I would never remember where I was last week must less last year. So at the very least, blogging is a great way to preserve memories and moments for your future self. (Also, what is up with all the comments RV Sue gets? Especially the people who compete to comment first?! What is going on over there????)

  6. I don't comment much, but I missed you. I will start interacting if you keep writing and taking pictures. ( long time reader, just quiet.)

  7. As beautiful as your pictures are, they don't mean much without the occasional commentary. I will miss that.

  8. Great to have you back! And please don't stop blogging. I'm betting there are a lot of others out there who missed you but didn't reach out.

    No, I definitely would not have made it up and down those ladders.


  9. Lose the ego. Your photos aren't that good. I just looked at them because I haven't got anything better to do. First time reader. Promise I won't "follow you" or post any positive reinforcement if you keep blogging. P.S. I loved RVSue in the beginning, but find myself looking for edgier blogs now. That wasn't a complement either. :-)

    1. You are as pathetic as I am... a little boy without balls enough to sign your name. Fuck off or come back with signature! What are you afraid of???
      Mark Johnson

  10. I get and feel everything you're talking about..the addiction, the time sink, the questions. I struggle with the grip it has on me, yet I question what I would do otherwise with my pics and thoughts. Sharing is human, and modern sharing is social media. I think the key is to find the balance. That fine, ever-moving line of time-sink versus reward. Maybe there's another way to share? Maybe other media? I don't think you'll want to completely live the addiction, but perhaps you can find the balance where it's not ruling your life, yet still gives you a nice, little positive high :)


  11. I for one am going to leave you in my 'blogs I follow' list in the hopes that we really haven't seen the last of your incitement, funny, thought-provoking and funny writings. Oh, and the photos are great too!

    Besides, where else are we going to see shorts in the snow??

  12. Now that looks like a crazy fun hike!

    I thought it had been a bit quiet in your space recently. I used to read dozens of RVer blogs. Nowadays I maybe read 10 blogs with any regularity...and yours is one of them. Not only do I enjoy your photos but I love your writing. I hope you don't stop...but I sure do get it if you do, blogging isn't the easiest thing to make time for. I really appreciate the fact that you are a WRITER, not just a documenter (like myself). Not everyone can write (obviously), and you do have the talent that so few do....thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us in this space!

    Personally I blog for the journal/record aspect of it. It's fun to look back on our travels and we'll be able to do so for years, it's a great way to hold on to our memories.

  13. Thought you might just be taking a well-deserved break, but truly hope you decide to keep writing and posting those beautiful photos of your adventures. Your words give us things to ponder and the pictures take us places many can't go. Thank you!

  14. Jim and I missed you. We also wondered if that side hill trail on your header photo is as scary as it looks. Keep writing and showing us places. You see places I can't get to anymore. That ladder also looks terrible.

  15. First time to comment but have been reading your blog for about a year now. The photos take me to places I may never see and your commentary is refreshingly open and honest. But I understand the addiction and am already thinking about how to not fill my retirement hours (108 days not that I'm counting) with too much online time. Good luck with your decision and thanks for sharing your adventures!

  16. I just said to Mike today, "what happened to Box Canyon Mark???" and here you are. Loved your photos in spite of what the idiot "anonymous" said--where are you, that's an amazing canyon. I've kept a journal for years and the only reason I continue to blog is to continue keeping that journal but now, instead of searching written journals for some entry I can search the internet version. Keep on hiking/blogging!

  17. I knew you were gone, always looking for your new posts. Best pictures of any blog I read, many of us travel with you thru your stories and pictures. Some of our best times are when there is no internet and solitude takes over.....

  18. Well Rats. I've not been watching TV or Blogs lately, and return to see a BCB blog I haven't read. Only to be reading an obituary. I'm going to miss your blog/attitude. There are no do-overs in life, but I've often said that had we honeymooned in Colorado instead of New Orleans our lives (wife and I) would have gone in a completely different direction. You headed to the right place for sure, and I didn't. I should be happy that you decided not to blog further, as you only remind me how a good life could have been a smidgeon bit better. Keep on living, and occasionally remind us of how we could have had a little frosting on the cake of life.

  19. Long time follower, first time with a reply. Hope you keep up the blog! You're fresh honest voice is welcome, your adventures beyond my means. Hope you decide to not consider blogging as Social Media and put it in the same bag with Facebook - it's not! Your readers choose to follow you, because we enjoy your insight, your photos and your abilities.

  20. I am another one who missed your blog and your photos and your comments when you weren't publishing. Please don't stop, Mark!

  21. I am guilty, as a muti-year reader and admirer of your blog, of never commenting. Reading your posts, 3.5 years ago, helped to fuel a desire to get out of the rat race, and to see the country in all of it's beauty and glory. 2.5 years ago, my wife and I gave up our conventional lives on the "treadmill", and have not regretted it. Yes Mark, your blog inspired us then and continues to do so today. BTW, during the last 18 months of this painful presidential campaign, it was the posts from Box Canyon Blog and many others (a lot of whom are regular readers of your blog) that reminded me that there is a whole country outside of the crazy D.C. beltway, that is genuine, friendly, and willing to help out others. I missed reading your posts while you were on hiatus. Count my vote (one that I am very happy to cast!) for you to continue the blog. You are making a real difference. ED H.

  22. I would be sad to not see all your great photos. Don't focus on all the negative stuff and just post about the real world you are living in right now. Yes the sun will keep coming up every day no matter what happens elsewhere. So exactly where did you take the photos of this blog post..........would love to go there and do that hike.......except when it is a little warmer, when it is cold I need really warm gear and love being outside but not in water, think snow.

  23. When I think of the inspiring places I have seen, the friends I have met, the books I have picked up, the exposure to the creative arts, the support for my own blog, all as a result of knowing you and Bobbie, it's like "Six Degrees of the BCB." It saddens me to think that this might be "it." But he who inspires must also seek inspiration, and if this is no longer doing it for you, then yes, you need to look elsewhere. It's your movie...

    My reason for blogging is best described by one of my favorite quotes by Anais Nin, "We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection." I know you have a lot of life yet to "taste," and hope you will continue to share it.

  24. If you don't want to blog to satisfy your "addictions", blog for those of us who want very much to follow interesting blogs such as yours, both for the excellent photos and commentary, and for the vicarious adventures that so many of us readers can never hope to have on our own. Think of your blog as a compassionate public service that brings delight and entertainment to your following. Please continue your blog, at least once a week.

  25. Count me as one of your long time blog readers, who thinks that your voice and posts are much needed in the SM world. Yes, there are a multitude of blogs, Facebook pages, etc.... but your's stands out for it's beauty, depth, and honesty. Your posts were a source of inspiration, 3.5 years ago when we (my wife and I) were part of the working world, living the traditional American dream. Your blog was one that inspired us to move on to our "second act", hit the road, and experience many of the beautiful places that you write abouut. This is somewhat ironic, because I now understand that your blog is much more than just another travel or RVing blog. We the unseen public readers benefit from your creative fire and energy. You have a gift. Please keep sharing it with us.

  26. Your back. Glad all is well. Your normal, as any of us. Great pictures and hike.

  27. I'm another long time reader that doesn't comment much. Its bad enough that I take time at work to read you blog its hard to comment too. But your words and pictures make a long day at a desk a wonderful break! Please keep blogging it was missed very much. And I still have your poem posted on my board at work.

  28. I missed you and wondered! I know....too little, too late. All your thoughts and feelings make perfect sense to me, the blogger who quit I can't even remember how many years ago for the very reasons you bring to the table. I will truly miss your wonderful photography because you go to places I will never be able to go and you share the majesty in such a great and talented way. But I will support your decision, no matter what it is, and wish you many more happy trails to explore!!! Just throw a photo on that other form of SM once in awhile!

  29. I missed your blog. Don't usually comment but I love looking at your photos. You go places I will never be able to go.

  30. Like the others I too have missed your blog for many of the reasons already said. Living in the UK, yours and other travel blogs, take me to places that I will never ever visit, but I do appreciate the time and effort you guys put into creating these blogs. I particularly like your "gonzo" style of writing and often wonder what it would be like to sit down and have a beer or two with you. So hopefully you will carry on but if you do decide to quit, what are you going to do with all those photos?, many thanks and I've enjoyed the ride.

  31. I was looking forward to comparing your photos with Life's little adventures Jim an Gayle blog on you trip a couple of weeks ago. I kept checking, so you were missed. I just never comment. Not very social

  32. I missed your blog too! I am not a big reader of books but I love to read the blogs on Hitchitch as I love to read about the things I dream of doing in my own life. These blogs are real life journey's and with all the shit happening in this world, your real life journey is uplifting to my spirit and soul. So best of luck on your decision on whether to continue or not. I have enjoyed the ride. Thank you!


  33. As usual, you express my feelings bettet than I seem to be able to and are more honest in public about them. I own a pathetic love/hate relationship with blogging and the disappointment that everyone who reads doesn't give back by commenting. Pathetic need for reinforcement but there it is. And I am totally guilty of being one of the "takers" on your blog with its great writing and pictures. I bitch about never knowing who is reading until something bad happens and 50 comments show up. And yet here I am exposed as one of them. It's a time sucker for sure and every three days I swear I just hate it and then someone writes a comment that makes me smile and I remember that I have "met" some people I like a lot and would never have met any other way. Like you and Bobbie. So I am leaving you on my blog roll with the intention of letting you know if you ever return of how much I enjoy reading every post you write, not just some of them

  34. I, along with many others LOVE your post cards!! I always take my time soaking in all the beauty in each shot. I, also, follow you because I enjoy discovering new place to hike. You find the most interesting places like this last slot which looked amazing in the photos (even if Suzanne wasn't really there because she is in Idaho). So please continue to share your discovers and your fantastic post cards:) That being said...reading and writing blogs is VERY time comsuming. I am an avid literature reader and have found S.M. really has taken away from that. I, like Lisa, have cut down on my blog reading and generally only read posts that are in our area of interest. I have found that I am actually excited when I only have a blog or two to read at night. The everyday very long posts are just too much. So while I did notice you were missing, I was a little pleased for more "me" time:) Reading what you wrote here, I am sure you get where I am coming from after seven years of the blog world. So why not combine the best of both worlds and continue blogging with lots of awesome photos but not as often to give yourself a rest:) By the way, that header is outstanding. What kind of crazy person rides like that...haha!

  35. "And, fittingly, no one really seemed to notice. Ok, three people noticed...
    It's not the first time I've quit blogging."
    Perhaps more than three noticed but as you say its not the first time you have quit.

    "So if a former blogger is not going to blog anymore, why continue to take photos?"
    A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts"). What you are suggesting is that you have a photoblog which is what you now have for the most part. I do enjoy your writing but when/if you go to a dedicated photoblog then I will spend my "wasted time" at a blog that posts text entries.

  36. It's not worth it. It depends on what you want from nature, from photography, but no one else really cares. Digital means the world is buried in nature pix, even as nature seems to slip away.

    Nature is just a consumer commodity, so we are consuming it with big RV's and tiny off road vehicles. I like electric bikes and there are arguments about electric mountain bikes. The impact is less than most of the motorized stuff, and the trend is horrible. Can you really appreciate nature on any mechanized vehicle? What is the overall decay rate? Is everything fine out there? What do the Bundy's means, coupled with Lukas and Trump. I mean, yikes.

    I guess a Mr. Lukas is tipped for the next Interior secretary. He runs an oil company. He doesn't believe in animal rights, they say.

    I did a year in a Lance, fulltime, 1995. It seemed fairly wide open back then. But I bought a small trailer 5 years ago, have tried to set it up for FT. The technology is interesting, but people skate over nature and obsess with wireless extenders. Electric RVs would be interesting.

    I wouldn't write a blog unless you really felt strongly about something. Doing it for attention? No, not for me.

    Thanks, though. I have looked at your blog from time to time. It was worth visiting, so it's worth just archiving.

  37. My husband and I have missed your fantastic photos and your thoughtful musings on life.
    Mary Lou

  38. Laverne says: Please don't stop! How will I get to see pictures of Lovely Ouray. I am unable to travel and do so through your blogs...they are inspiring to one old lady!

  39. If I had it my way, I'd rather be on the trail hiking with you and experiencing the fresh air, beautiful scenery, and friendships. Second best, your blog while sipping my morning coffee here in Indiana. I keep a written journal of my travels and hope you think of your blog as a useful journal for yourself that you are most graciously sharing with us. Thanks for taking the time for sharing your adventures and photos with us.

  40. Wanting to be responded to when one speaks is normal. Mark your voice in the blog world really is unique. That may well be part of why few comment here. It's tough to not come across as simple minded when answering a person, like yourself, that thinks profoundly and has refreshing wit, too. I choose anonymity because of having too much attention from people that was intrusive. By blogging at least you get to express yourself and use your skills vs. just wasting all of that.

  41. Even photos tell a story, he of many words. Of course it's addicting, hopefully like any other hobby, takes a lot of time, and feeds our egos. I find nothing wrong with that.

  42. Don't stop! I may not comment but I always read and enjoy the your photos.

  43. So, we have made it a point to meet in person two blogging couples. Nina and Paul, and Mark and Bobbie. Why did you think we took the time (and distance) to do that. Because we're stalkers? Because we're groupies? No! It was to have that communication you speak of. We wanted to actually meet the actual people behind the mask of blogging, who, with their brilliance and talent contributed to tipping us over the edge and redirect our lives to something we could not have imagined. We are now four months on the road full-time, presently watching big horn sheep literally "camping" in OUR camp here at Flaming Gorge...in November...all to ourselves. You had a hand in that, Mark. We will never be extreme athletes like yourself. But you serve to remind us of the possibilities. And we're grateful, regardless of what you decide to do. You and Bobbie will still be someone we met and liked and wanted to call friends.

  44. Mark and RV bloggers like you...well, not EXACTLY like you ��. Please don't stop. Here's another perspective from someone who doesn't respond... because it's so damn scary and I don't have enough time, energy or money to figure out why. But I know I have a need to see your photos of your travels and read your words that take me to places I can't go and that feed my soul. Some of us were born when there wasn't TV, much less a computer. SO trying to figure out Social Media is like trying to learn Greek. And then when you throw in a total lack of a sensation function, you're not sure what button to push! Just like I'm still not sure how I ever discovered your blog. But thank the Fates I did and that I somehow figured out how to bookmark your blog on my iPad. And like Pavlov's dog, I have pushed it to no avail for awhile. So happy to see it again. Please don't go away. P.S. Dave in the UK, love your "gonzo" take on Mark. Spot on! P.PS. OK, anxiety rising. Just tried to send this to you but I don't have a Google account or any of the other choices. Don't even know what they mean. So I show up as Anonymous but I'm really Jan in Reno. Not kidding about the anxiety trying to post this. If I wasn't trying to beg you to stay, I would give up. Going back into my cave...

  45. I noticed you didn't post for a while but figured you were just taking a break. Then I began to wonder if maybe you fell into one of those red canyons you are always standing on the edge of ;). I didn't know you were dealing with the dreaded SM addiction that seems to be at a pandemic level. There are plenty of folks who follow you and don't comment, but I hope you continue anyway.

  46. Mark, talk about an adrenal rush, whooooa, now you probably wish you had never gone silent. I can only imagine how many other follows in the shadows you have and that seems normal to me. Like I mentioned earlier, maybe a once a week post or the once a month post would be the best way to cut back, have more time for "just being", Bobbie and some time to reflect on the life you have lived.

    One thing for sure, you have some well meaning followers, strange to because you don't LIE and you don't express Hateful opinions and I haven't heard of any major protest resulting from your years rantings on SM.

    Take all the time you need and as they say " be sill and know".

    From Sonoma Co. with Love

  47. Selfishly, I don't want you to stop. You have a special combination of being a storyteller through your photos and through your words and when combined with the awe-inspiring places you inhabit, your blog feeds those of us who long for a feast for the eyes or gritty prose and poetry for the soul to tide us over until our own adventures can be had.

    I've read your blog for a year or so and think that as long as you love sharing your adventure and perspective on life with us, you should continue. If it feels more of a burden than a joy, then stop, but if you stop, know that many of us will miss experiencing your blog.

    I get the struggle. Most of us probably don't want to admit that we like the feeling of having a "fan base" and the feedback we get, whether it be on a blog, instagram, Facebook, or more traditional means of public communication. Do what you need to do but let me step out from the shadows of anonymously reading your blog and thank you for all the posts you've shared; I thoroughly enjoy them and hope they continue for a long time.

    ...If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim...
    excerpt from If by Rudyard Kipling

    It's all in the balance, isn't it? I've seen where you hike. I've read what you write. I've feasted on the images you share. How's your balance? If I had to answer it, I'd say you, like a mountain goat, can be sure footed even on rocky terrain. But again, I'm selfish.

  48. I certainly missed you not being here. I've been following your adventures for a long time, your's is one of the most interesting blogs. Marti

  49. A few years ago, you wrote a piece about ice climbing in your hometown. The imagery your descriptions of the woman's struggle....Wow! surely one of the best pieces of writing I've ever has the privilege to read.

    Thank you Mark. so long as you're moved to write, let the ink flow
    -Marc Cloutier

  50. I offer my Not-So Humble Opinion. I think you are asking the wrong questions. It is not about being addicted. Or even about the Evil Social Media. From what I know about you from your blog you are an artist. You use a camera, words, and other mediums, but the basis for it all seems from here to be that you are an artist. You seem to be compelled to create. You take pictures even when you think at the time that no one but you will see them. I'm sure that those who know you better can find more evidence for this statement.

    From your comments above you also prefer, even require, an audience. You are in good company in that as Thoreau mentions neighbor Seeley watching his removal of the shack he used for building part of his cabin:

    He was there to represent spectatordom, and help make this seemingly insignificant event one with the removal of the gods of Troy.

    To me, the question would seem to be, given that I am an artist who is driven to create and who appreciates an audience, how do I best meet those needs while also meeting the other needs in my life.

    I enjoy your writing. You make me think, and expand my boundaries in my own mind. I see your pictures, then read of your personal challenges, and think maybe, just maybe I can do that if I put the work into getting into better shape. Your quotes make me want to read more, as you show me the real life application of their written words. As others have said, I am selfish. I hope the answer to the questions is that you continue the blog, in both written as well as picture format. I'm not even going to say I'll understand if you stop. I won't. I do not understand the current craze of declaring that the blog(s) is closed as there is nothing else to say (not ever true) or I'm addicted (reaction redacted), or whatever. You started the blog for a reason. I hope the reason still works. I also sincerely hope there is another Bloggerfest this year and that you and Bobbie are there and that we have longer to talk to each other. I'm selfish.

  51. I've always enjoyed your "Postcards"..but too much Yakking about what Many times I have no idear...
    RV Sue is so full of herself bitching about the things everyone does wrong..Then does the same things as in oh I'll only block everyone for a few minutes..It's no big deal...
    I wish I could have shared a brew with you two..maybe someday.
    Take Care,

  52. Hi, Mark. I am disappointed to see a commenter put derogatory remarks about another blogger on your site. Totally uncalled for. You do a wonderful job here. Make MANY lives better. Most of our lives could use some positives! Thank you. Please continue.

  53. It is especially important now to continue spreading the word about communicating with each other and sharing the incredible restorative and healing power that comes from stepping into the wilderness. Your pictures and stories bring hope.

  54. I'm laughing over here because I am not addicted obviously since it took me two months to get around to catching up on blog post reading. I blog mainly for myself, so I can remember where I went and what I saw/thought/experienced. If I don't go anywhere or photograph anything I usually don't post. Comments are nice but at the bottom of my list of reasons why I do it. Maybe rearrange how you approach your social media experience? I use my phone mostly as a tool as well (internet research/checking email), not on it nearly as much as most folks especially facebook which I feel is a huge waste of time. Will be interesting to see your followup on this! ;)

  55. Guess I should also add yours is one of the blogs I read that I keep coming back to for the writing and not just "the list" of places to go. Your words reflect your character and are always thought provoking. We need more writers on social media, so that is something else to ponder as far as your slice of the pie goes.


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