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Thursday, October 20, 2016

many pools hike

Well, I haven't seen the polls yet, but the good news is that I think Don finally put himself out of our misery (and future) last night. The bad news is, Hillary is going to be our next President.

Where in the fuck are you taking me????


  1. If the last photo is what I missed by not going all the way to the plateau, then I'm good with that!

  2. I'm seeing red!!! Red leaves, red rocks. Love it all.

  3. I love this hike! We must return to do it once again in the fall...so darn beautiful:)

  4. Fabulous color!

    Hillary will do an excellent job...to the best of her ability, assuming the partisan obstruction continues as it has the past eight years.

  5. I can attest that the colors in your photos are the real thing, including the sky. This is a great hike for making your own path through some beautiful Zion landscape.

  6. Love the pics with the red leaves against the deep blue sky

  7. After Many hikes in Zion, Many Pools is still one of my favorites for Many reasons. Perhaps no greater reason than the Many shades of red that it offers. Seems like you hit it in its absolute splendor this time through...

  8. Do you share your hikes with any online apps (like trimble or wikiloc)? I'd love to explore some of the places you've shared when I make it out west.

    As always - great photos!

    1. Hi Andy... No, except for the already well known spots, I don't share hard won, less traveled places with any sites. If you read the BCB you will know the areas we are in, but for the most part you'll just have to wander around off trail to find them. The internet is a double edged sword...
      Thanks for your comment,


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