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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Last Secret

With the post-wedding rush to get the rig on the road and the giddy rush to set our shoes and wheels to churning on red dirt and slick rock, I have been remiss in keeping the BCB faithful fully appraised.  Where to begin? How about with the un-forecasted snowstorm that greeted us on the morning of departure day...

I realize it's not much, but it was enough cause a mess—tracks of mud and leaves into Goldie's pristine interior and up the freshly vacuumed staircase in the house. Someday I shall count how many trips it takes to load and unload the belly of the beast.  

It's worth what ever it takes to have a change of scene a few times a year. I'm constantly giving thanks for the luck of my landing in southwest Colorado, where a three hour drive lands us smack in the middle of Disneyland, Utah... Arches, Canyonlands and a bazillion acres of BLM land... all temping us to leave the snow go hiking and mountain. If it's too cold there, a nine hour drive lands us in the warm deserts of central Arizona, pretty much doing the same thing. When it gets too cold there, another three hours lands us near Tucson, hiking trails in Madera Canyon or amongst giant saguaros that gird the big city.   

We boondocked with Life's Little Adventures, Jim and Gayle... fresh back from a summer/fall loop up through the Pacific Northwest and back through the Tetons. It's always good to see them and do some hikes/bike-rides, though Jim might disagree after an nasty spill off his 29'er landed him in Moab's Emergency Room. Don't worry, he's ok... just sporting a severely bruised butt which he love's to show photos of. Yes, he took pictures! Request that they be posted for all to see!!!!

Anyway, we led a hike to Tower Arch from the west side of Arches... a super secret route Bobbie and I stumbled across last spring. Apparently it's not such a secret after all as we got into a traffic jam with 20-some fellow geezers on the way in. Oh well. After the flash-mob at Tower Arch, we wandered off trail and saw no one. It's still possible, but for how long?

Here's a few shots from a nice day in red rock, USA.  

All alone at Tower Arch... 

Well, almost... 

Jim telling Gayle, "I think they're lost again."


  1. Thanks for showing us the not-so-secret route.

    I deleted the photos of Jim's butt bruise, but if anyone is interested he will gladly show it off in person, as he's done several times already, much to my chagrin :-)

  2. More wonderful photos, we hope to see some of that this fall.

  3. We won't be seeing any red rocks in 2016 so I'm glad I can live it vicariously through you!

  4. Just glad it was an intrusion of men, not mice this time!


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