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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Bridge To Love

Not far from our house in Lovely Ouray, there is a trail that has a stairway that goes to a tunnel that leads to a bridge that crosses Box Canyon… 

It was a frigid New Years Day. Lovely Ouray was caught in the grip of a deep freeze… as in below zero. My son, Caleb, and his Sig-O, Kelli, were paying us a holiday visit. Something was up, though, in the "air," so to speak. Caleb was chattering about a gift of "puppies," and "chores" (like shoveling snow and washing windows???). Kelli was confused, which was the point.

Bobbie and I had marching orders. We had been drafted to participate in an elaborate scavenger hunt ruse concocted by my son. It would have to be on the coldest day of the year. 

Later, there was Champagne and celebration… but it had nothing at all to do with the flipping of a calendar. 

Should you be interested enough, follow this link to a short Youtube video that I put together to commemorate a very special "occasion." :))


  1. I see from your header you made it to the Bowl of Fire. Potluck with the Laze Daze group 4:30 tomorrow if you get here by then ;-)

  2. Love your blogs....we started travelling about 4-5 years ago. Here's our older blogs:
    and our last trip last spring/summer/fall:

  3. The video will be a treasure for them in the future. Nice job!

    Snowing again....


  4. What fun!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Such a wonderful event and a great video to commemorate it ! If they have a life as full of love and adventure and companionship as you and Bobbie have, they will be blessed indeed !

  6. What a precious wonderful gift telling the story of love!!! I hope their lives are as full on wonder as you and Bobbie are sharing.

    Just amazing! Congratulations!!!

  7. Congratulations! This is truly a wonderful occasion. We are really happy for everyone...

    Brother Dan

  8. well done Mark- happy for the couple-- Walden Creek RV steve

  9. Congratulation! Really enjoyed the Winter engagement tour of Ouray. Caleb and Kelli are a special couple that will enjoy the journey together.

  10. Congratulations to the Happy Couple!! Such a fun time for the whole family. I'm certainly looking forward to you wander about!


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