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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Snow!

Our time in Lovely Ouray is down to days. A foot of new snow calls for Bobbie to "man" the shovel. As soon as she's finished her chores we can go out and play.

Even though Bobbie's eyes roll when I say it, there's just something about a new snowfall that calls me outdoors no matter the temperature. It's like a fresh coat of paint that covers all the grit, grime, cinders, and muck of wintertime in the mountains.   

Snow slowly melts from Mine Shack's roof between storms and forms stalactites of crystal, an artsy frame for Imax views.

But this storm has yet to move on. Clouds swing low through The Crevice. Sun and mountains find occasional peepholes that tease and add drama. We choose to hike Oak Creek trail again, just to see how much snow fell a thousand feet above town.

Patches of blue sky make liars out of the weather-guessers. We spy on town from the overlook, ant like cars and townies going about their business. My camera comes out with higher frequency on days like this. It slows us to crawl but it's ok, we are "smelling roses."

Near the top, across Oak Creeks mighty chasm, Bobbie spots a solitary Bighorn Ram. He paws at snow in search of breakfast. Poor guy.

"Bridge of Heaven" uncovers in the distance. Note the deep grove of our well worn trail lower right. 

Drama unfolds minute to minute as clouds part and close ranks, part and close ranks.

We swing by the Ice Park again to observe climbers battle the "Wall." 

Note to self: Take down Christmas lights… 


  1. Nice of you to let Bobbie do the shoveling!
    We are so enjoying your photos, but still cannot imagine climbing up the Oak Creek trail in deep snow. You two are really amazing.

  2. What a guy! Sending your poor wife out to shovel the white stuff while stay inside drinking coffee and work on your blog!! Bad karma coming for you buddy! :)

    Beautiful pictures as always Mark, I do enjoy your them and your writing. Are you headed to AZ soon?

  3. I actually shoveled 4" of snow this morning, Joalenn always comes out at the end to shovel the small spots I miss. Ask Bobbie, doesn't coffee always tastes better after the shoveling? I would say the mountain scenery and snow in Ouray is a real delight but I'm sure you are looking forward to the warmth of Arizona. I'll be watching Broncos game this weekend and hopefully #18 will come thru big time.

  4. To really enjoy the beauty snow brings one needs to live in an area that receives constant dustings to cover the ugliness of the melt. Living in PA we had too much of black, slushy ugliness that melting left after a beautiful cover of snow. Ouray is so spectacular. I'm glad you go home for the holiday to share this scene with us. What a fantastic hike! The clouds sure gave you a neat show. I'm with Jim and Gayle, you two are amazing hikers! Way to go. The ice climbers are one crazy group! Don't forget the light:)


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