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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Food/Beverage Hangover

Lovely Ouray provides a tranquil backdrop to son Caleb and his equally Lovely "Sig. O." Kelli, in today's Lead Photo slot. Big smiles :).

The weather guessers have not been kind to campers/hikers this holiday weekend. We braved wind, cold, rain and snow to do Bear Creek Trail yesterday, then headed straight to the Ouray Hot Springs to get warm to the core… which necessitated a brief post-immersion nap (Zzzzzz). Then it was off to the Ouray Brewery, where we were further baptized (immersed) in heavenly IPA's and Stouts (Father, Son, Holy Ghost… Sign-of-the-cross, Amen). We washed down the brews with burgers as big as your gosh darn head. 

Once safely home there occurred a mass indulgence in Bobbie's infamous Pumpkin/Chocolate-Brownie Dump Cake… to celebrate Caleb's 36th Birthday (Yikes). Oh the wretchedness of a food/beverage hangover. Maybe a little hair a the ole dawg would help…    

Mount Abram and gang... 

Lovely Ouray's Mountain Surround

Watch for falling rock...

Along the cliffside trail

Negotiating Fallen Rock...

A brief shower under a waterfall


Fresh snow...

Leaning into the abyss


  1. How about sharing Bobbie's infamous Pumpkin/Chocolate-Brownie Dump Cake recipe. Sounds delicious.

    1. Dear God… I've stooped the BCB to recipes (sniff). What's next, Walmart trips and Grandchildren?

    2. 1 can pumpkin
      1 can evaporated canned milk
      1 cup light brown sugar
      3 eggs
      1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
      1 box yellow cake mix
      2 sticks melted butter
      1 cup pecans
      Use Chocolate or Brownie cake mix if you want to Choclatize it.

      Combine first 5 ingredients and pour into a 9 X 5 pan
      Sprinkle/shake dry cake mix on top
      Top with melted butter and pecans
      Bake 350 degrees @ 45 to 50 minutes
      Let cool (if possible) it gets better the longer it sets… the next day preferably :)
      Warning: Highly Addictive… Keep away from Children!

    3. I wanted the recipe as well, but was (I really mean WAS) too manly to ask. I very quickly handed it over to the boss. BTW, with your photo prowess, you couldn't post a pic of the "Dump". Jeesh!

      You don't have any ideas regarding floral arrangements, do you?

    4. Yes… when in doubt always go with yellow roses… either one, or a dozen, nothing in between. :))

  2. Did you find my hiking pole?

  3. I told Caleb and Kelli there was a perfectly good hiking pole down there if they wanted to go get it… no takers :)). I've had no SOS notifications yet… get out there!!!

  4. is Caleb really tall or just look that way next to 2 short ladies? was waiting for a shot of him next to dad for reference. we're also missing our Colorado sunshine over on this side of the San Juan's.

  5. Both… he's 6 foot 4 inches. I used to be that tall (sigh).
    Sun is set to return late this week, and it will warm into the 60' / 70's. Perfect.

  6. Great looking kid and SO. Really. I am still ruminating over your last post. Everything you said resonated in some way. I had to think about what blogs I now read and why. Yes, how many times can a gray haired lemming go to Harris Beach and write anything interesting about it. That would be me. Yet, I do read a few blogs for different reasons, even if people tend to return to spots that have been written about ad nauseum. Reason one: I have met the person, we have become friends outside of our blogs. My number one reason and number one blog choices. Number two: The person is a fabulous photographer, and I can learn from their images or be inspired by them. Number three: or maybe equal to number two: The writer has a way with words that reaches deep into my soul in a way that doesn't happen often, echoing thoughts I have been unable to articulate. You are not the only one who does this to me, Mark, but you are one of the few.

    1. You make valid points, Sue… exceptions, there are always exceptions. And, I am humbled-touched-embarressed by your kind words of praise. I'm going to buy you a beer or two or as many as you want when our paths finally cross :).

  7. Your stamina is applauded! Beautiful hike Mark!

  8. Part of the reason we exercise...so we can eat without too much care! And of course birthdays means no holds barred!

  9. Looks like a great hike with just right amount of snow to add to the beauty. How nice to celebrate your son's birthday with him:) Thanks for the recipe!


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