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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Soup Nazi" part two…

I watched Bobbie slowly make her way around the camp-loop in Sue Bee… headed off to "overflow" to wait out her "sentence." I sat behind Goldie's wheel, trying to calm down some before having a conversation with the rude camp host. In the old days, I would have went in on the offensive, "guns blazing," kinda like in third grade, when I was the biggest kid in class. In the uncivilized adult male world, impertinence often backfires and only serves to escalate hostilities. But when all those chemicals and hormones get released into the bloodstream, it's like cocaine… it feels so good. I tried to think about alternative approaches: maybe this is not as black and white as I'm making it out to be. Maybe Adolph is just having a bad day and will soften up with a gentle approach. 

I eased Goldie to a stop at the site where Adolf was still dragging that rake back and forth, getting all the lines nice and parallel. I rolled the window down, shut off the motor and took a deep breath.

"Hey, I wanted to apologize for the misunderstanding. Your wife made it sound like the previous tenant was still there, so when I drove around and found the site vacant and raked I stopped, in case it was ready."
"It's not ready."
"I realize that now. I just wanted to let you know I misunderstood and how it happened." 

Adolf exuded surliness; he went back to dragging his rake around. I waited for some kind of response to my peaceful overture, like, "Oh don't worry about it, come back in a few minutes and I'll have it ready." But no. It was if I wasn't even there. I was being ignored, "dished" like a rag. Something snapped; I felt a familiar rush of chemicals… just like back in third grade or high school. Permission to get nasty, granted.

"Okay, well, just for the record then, I'd like to tell you that you had no right to be so uncivil to my wife the way you just did. She only came over here at my request to ask if per chance our site was ready after all, seeing that it was vacant and raked and clean. She did nothing to deserve being dressed down for politely asking a legitimate question. We payed our camp fees, so, in a sense, you work for us and thus need to show a little more respect, especially when talking to a lady. You were downright rude, and she was upset by your discourteous treatment."

Adolf paused his raking, finally looked up and said, "Go to overflow and come back in an hour." That's it.

I guess you could say I didn't exactly win him over. In rethinking, I came up with all kinds of things I should have said…  you know how that goes, some a sharp-tongued response carefully prepared on notecards that leaves nothing but a pile of bloody meat amidst a sliced and diced uniform… a badge, all mangled, and ravens picking at the spoil. This is why people should not be allowed to "carry."

Everything else about McDowel County Mountain Park was dreamy… except for their Merry Go Round camping policy, which I will discuss on the next post.

Heading off to an Internet Dead Zone for a while. Thanks for your comments and attendance, dear readers. 
Peace Out
mark and bobbie

Here are a few random photos from our (mostly) delightful stay at MMP, the best beginning to intermediate mountain biking experience you will ever have, and in such a supremely lush desert setting.


  1. Love that last panorama shot - very nice.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You showed remarkable tact and restraint with that neanderthal.

    The desert is so gloriously green this spring, thank you for taking me there.

  4. Well, you certainly did capture the vast, pristine beauty of the park, even if Adolph did need a little "tenderizing."

  5. Beautiful pictures, glad you were able to recover. I know exactly who you are talking about. We called him cranky pants. We made the mistake of speeding past him while exiting (he was driving the Orange quad). Well he immediately gunned it and wouldn't let us pass......crazy!

  6. Awesome photography as usual. I am sorry that Adolf has to be such a jerk! Now what would I do in your shoes...........I would be providing some information about my encounter with him to those who pay his salary and evaluate him as an employee. Having spent some years working in customer service there is absolutely no reason that you should just have to suck it up and assume he had a bad day............I could go on but I will not.

  7. Hey Mark, I think we saw the Nazi yesterday when we were returning from our morning ride. Older guy with a porkpie hat dragging the rake around like a plow. He looks like one of those people that is always pissed off. We have to move to the site across the road tomorrow, hope our interaction with him goes better than yours did, stay tuned.............


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