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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Colorado River Kayak

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. Hemingway

A 14 mile paddle/float trip from Moabi Regional Park to Castle Rock, through the lovely Topoc Gorge. Arms tired...


  1. I find that I can read through your latest blog postings very quickly now that you have quit writing. I don't spend much time on photoblogs.

    1. Nor do I spend much time wading through most monolog blogs that prattle on with no photo "relief." :))
      Endure the silence, I'm on writing sabbatical… devoting precious time to exploration and discovery.
      "I'll be back!"
      MIA Mark

  2. Gorgeous! That's the way to see the area. Of course I'm feeling totally lost without your usual philosophical this the same blog? :)

  3. Thanks for at least identifying the kayak route on the Colorado. Since you first posted the header photo on the water, I wondered where you were. I understand a need for your "sabbatical". After all your photos and journaling in the fall and then once back in and around Ouray, it's time for just you and Bobbie to play. That campground/RV park north of London Bridge where the Airstream was parked looks like something we will check out. Not all that far from Apple Valley. Now that the solar is essentially finished and actually working, we're ready and anxious to get out and test it.

  4. Sabbatical. - Well deserved enjoy. But hopefully for all bcb. Followers. No talk of retirement.


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