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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What A Lush

The girl has ridden the same mountain bike for fifteen years! And it's not like she doesn't love to ride a lot. Her old Trek was worn out a long, long time ago, but my dear fugal wife has t-shirts older than that bike, and she still wears them…stains and all. Gotta love that non-shopper gene in a woman.

After long rides, Bobbie had been getting neck aches and sore shoulders for years. While playing on some red dirt mounds last fall the Boonster noticed that the front shocks on her bike were not budging when encountering bumps and rough terrain. Well no wonder. A new mountain bike was in order, something with front shocks that actually dampen, and rear suspension for the tailbone.
She settled on a 2015 Trek Lush "S" model, an upgraded mountain bike specifically designed for a woman. It has 27.5 inch tires (instead of 29 inch) for easier handling and maneuverability. 

We just pick it up today in Montrose. As we pulled into Lovely Ouray I asked her if she wanted to try riding it up the driveway to our house. Anyone who's been here knows how steep that bugger is, not to mention how loose the gravel. "Sure," she said. So we took it off the rack and she climbed on…rode about fifty feet to get it in the lowest gear…and proceeded to tackle the the "monster." I followed along behind in the car because I wanted to see how it went; I was concerned that the low gear would not be low enough because there are only two sprockets on the front of the Lush "S," instead of three.

But she pedaled right up, and the larger tires didn't seem to phase her control. Once in the garage I looked at her rear sprocket, the chain was on fourth gear!!! She rode up in fourth gear. I guess it's geared plenty low. Look out Utah…


  1. Two thoughts come to mind. First and foremost, I am in serious trouble. Second, better have good locks.

    I mean, come on, 4th gear, jeez.

    no matter what or how long my excuse will always be achilles tendon.

  2. Just make sure that brake isn't dragging on the tire! :) Have fun and don't ride off any cliffs this winter.

  3. oooooooooohooo. wow oh wow. My trusty Trek is 18 years old. sigh. What a bike. What a woman your dear Bobbie is. 4th gear!

  4. Beautiful!! It is amazing what you can do with a new bike that fits perfectly:) Enjoy and be careful!

  5. This makes me want a new bike. That's such a cool ride. Shweet!

  6. I love those purple handlebars! You are just gonna LOVE a full suspension bike. Look forward to trying to keep up with you in Utah!

  7. We are happy for you Bobbie! What a SWEET ride! -Scamp

  8. I always have a mirror on my bike - always like to know what is trailing me-- in Bobbie"s case it will be Mark! enjoy! walden creek rv steve

  9. I personally would love to see a blog tutorial on a photo from raw image through editing to publish! Simply amazing techniques you have. Sharing is good!

  10. Wow a 27.5 in the family...sweet ride!


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