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Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Soggy Finale To Wright's Lake For The J-J Q's

Ignoring the forecast, we piled into Petroleous Rex for one final hike with John and Joalenn Q.. Sue Bee could have made Yankee Boy Basin, but in case of downpours and lightening I thought Pet Rex, with its high ground clearance and low range four wheel drive, would give us some dryer options for wildflower and wild-country viewing, not to mention test Joalenn's tolerance for vertical drop-off jeep trails :)

We parked just beyond Yankee Boy Basin and waded waist-high blooms—took a gazillon photos—then got down to the business of hiking up, up, up, to Wrights Lake. It lies at the sacred feet of our local icon, Mount Sneffels, one of Colorado's 54 14'000 foot peaks.

Everything was saturated, the vegetation, the ground, the air. Sodden clouds sagged into valleys, too heavy to hold their place amongst peaks. It didn't take long for the rain to come. Bobbie and I slipped into our rain gear, as did the Q's...but then did us one better: Umbrellas, with metal poles. You know your hiking with Easterners when they break out lightening rods above timberline…amid thunderstorms. Oh well, it was a good excuse to put a little distance between us and them.

Joalenn, (aka "the anchor," according to The Boonster) had acclimated well to Colorado's lofty heights; she had no problems and made good time at 12,000 feet. As she strode the last few steps to Wright's Lake, she blurted out, "Someone needs to tell Boonie that the "boat anchor" made it!" Indeed, Joalenn's got game…

Wright's Lake with Mount Sneffels hidden in the clouds

It's interesting how the flow of talus stops so abruptly now that their are no glaciers to "urge" them on 


  1. The rainy conditions added some drama to the Wright Lake hike, felt like Lord of the Rings scenery. Joalenn said it was the best hike she had ever taken. We are enjoying the trails in Crested Butte: Bush Creek, Ol be Joyful, Breckwith Pass. Art Fair is going on in CB but none of the water colors are as good as Bobbies. Plan to meet up with Glenn Aka Boonie on Sunday to catch up with his adventures and spend the night near him. Thanks for the wonderful hike to Wright Lake and I was wondering why hikers in Colorado never used umbrellas.

  2. We'll have to make sure we hike to our name sake when we finally get to Ouray one day. The wildflowers are so gorgeous. I am so glad you posted so many lovely photos!

  3. Sounds like John won't be leaving Joalenn home alone anymore. Another serious hiker is born!

    1. I dropped hints that they should come to Utah…say, sometime this fall. Her conversion would be complete and irreversible. Then we start working on finding her a mountain bike :))

  4. Beautiful photos Mark...love the rain droplets. One day....I want to do that hike. Joe had issues with the high altitude so maybe I can tag along with you and Bobbie?

  5. Enjoy your post as always, especially those with colorful wildflowers and green mountains. Miss the day hiking with you and Bobbie. Hope to see you someday soon.

    -Dehui Yang

    1. You would have loved yesterday's hike…we climbed Mount Abram. Stay tuned, Dehui :))


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