Friday, October 31, 2014

Spring Canyon Hike and Much Ado About Nothing: Un-wad Your Panties, People!

Let's flashback to Capitol Reef for a seemingly endless 13? mile hike up "groovy baby" Spring Canyon, featuring hikers Suzanne, Debbie, Jim, Gayle, Bobbie and your's truly.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Scrambling To The Depths of Hidden Canyon With The Gang and Lovely World Travelers, Nina and Chantel

What ever could a lovely young Canadian chef and Swiss nurse have in common with a bunch of old geezers? Not much, really…at their age they could well have been grandchildren. But Jim does not discriminate when it comes to a fairer sex "audience," they were trapped—like mice in a maze—forced to hike and listen to an old fart, and I mean that quite literally :). I was not as much at liberty to flirt amongst the gargantuan boulders in the depths of Hidden Canyon, as Bobbie was still managing to conquer said "boulders," leading our expedition beyond our deepest penetration ever. Gayle and the gang had invoked the "common sense rule" at one particularly difficult (dangerous) choke-stone impasse. Curious Jim would not be denied what lay beyond, nor new ears for his tales.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Heaven's Gate

As Goldie slipstreamed behind Jim and Gayle into Zion Sunday, I realized that sometimes it's the little things that endear one to a person, place, or thing. For me, it's always been the sinuous red cinder pavement in Zion—improbably etched and tunneled through a canyon labyrinth—that warms my heart and tells me, "I'm Home."

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bryce On Fire

Greetings! After nearly a month of boondocking bliss in the Capitol Reef area, the RV seekers-of-redrock gang has moved south to set up a new camp on BLM lands near Virgin. Lazy Dazer Laura Lee showed up yesterday (not sure of her Blog's name yet) and Jim and Gayle spotted a couple more L. D. rigs they recognized in our vicinity. Seems the desert is gets a little more crowded every year. I fear it won't be long before Govie steps in and starts legislating (restricting) our bliss if this RV boondocking-for-free craze keeps snowballing, especially since a good many of the campers have ATV's and such things that leave a bigger "footprint." Has the "golden age" peaked? Or am I just being a spoiled brat part-of-the-problem whiner? Time will tell...

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Million Freaking Mormons, Part II: The Apocalypse

I guess I misunderstood. Might as well get used to it because it's happening more and more the older I get. Bobbie says I don't listen. I'm beginning to think that maybe she's right, but that's another blog post.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Little Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Us Away, But A Million Freaking Mormons? That's Another Story

Jumping ahead to current time: Sun-up, sitting in the car outside a Wi Fi bakery in Torrey, Utah—the most depraved, anorexic bandwidth capital of the world—trying to squeeze out a Postcard Post before moving on to yet another internet/cell phone vacuum known as Kodachrome (as in, "Momma please don't take it away"). Yes, today is moving day (sniff). Exhausted, sore footed, red dirt stains between toes, shoes still wet and muddy from wading the Fremont, the RV Gang is finally parting ways with Capitol Reef, and we do it under a cloud of sweet, sweet, sorrow. I will catch the BCB up eventually, as soon as we catch up with twenty-first century technology again. These Dial-up bandwidths are going to be the death of me, And if you think that's bad, poor Jim is in a comatose state of withdrawal.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Exploring A Very Cool Slot Canyon Down Pleasant Creek (Part II)

Pleasant creek was becoming more "pleasant" by the mile, slowly morphing from a run of the mill meandering stream, to a waterpark-like channel of grooved red slickrock. Note to self: Add inflatable flotation device and towel to backpack.