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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Photos Of What We've Been Up To, Among "Other Things"

Grand Turk and Sultan Peaks watch over a Sleepy Silver-Mining town and those laid to rest. Below, is how young men used to die in Silverton...

Of course, if you've been paying attention to Bobbie's scenic and often comedic Youtube Channel, Getting High With Two Old Broads, you already know what we've been up too...

Snow gets plowed to the middle of the street in Silverton

Headed up to Spirt Basin

Fresh powder on the way up

The reward for all the effort it takes to get there

Windy on top

What winter eventually does to old cabins near timberline

Tracking virgin snow near timberline

Getting High With Two Old Broads

Mining ruins near Red Mountain Town, buried under feet of snow

Miner's cabin near Guston still standing

Mining head-frame 

Creek surfaces under deep snow

Heavy snow load where The Colorado Trail meets Little Molas Lake 

Making tracks with views toward Silverton

Xmas gifts from Brent and Anita: Bobbie gets a variety pack of Prosecco, and I get a gift certificate at White Wall for three glossy prints on metal from "My Favorite Photos" folder

Ice climbers learning "the ropes" on the "bunny hill" before tackling the big shit down in the canyon 

Big shit in the canyon...

Two "chicks with picks" taking on a straight-up Slot Ice waterfall on Camp Bird Road

Breaking powder up Oak Creek Trail

Bobbie viewing Mount Sneffels from a grove of winterized aspen

Tracking snow near Mount Sneffel's north face

Hauling "free" firewood for Old Broad Ruthie. What are friends for?

When Avalanches intersect Camp Bird Road

Deep, eh?

Why we like hiking up Camp Bird Road

Mining road, with Mount Hayden background

Where the snowplow stops we must don snowshoes

Stoney Mountain

More Camp Bird Road

Out our front window...

Another hike up Camp Bird Road...pushing 11,000 feet here

Beyond the "plow," pushing for Yankee Boy Basin

Be sure to switch "resolution" from SD to HD for better viewing...


  1. Gorgeous! And glad I am not there.

  2. Incredible photos as always! Been enjoying the YouTube vids a lot. I didn't know Bobbie was a prosecco fan- me too!

  3. You guys definitely made the most out of old man winter! I bet you’re looking forward to some Arizona days, warm temps, and shorts. Love you guys!

  4. Gorgeous scenery and snow! I agree with Caleb, y'all are making the most of old man and old broad winters :)

  5. Surprise surprise, the kids are still kicking, Im confused, thought you were in Tucson with all the desert rats eaten all that great Mexican & Southwest food.
    I was glad to see the snow up CampBird Rd, at least the Hot Springs folks won't have to run low on water this year, although I have read they are having problems, sure hope they gettem worked out. Colorados Western Front is getting shorted on their snow this year like we are getting shorted on Rain, big time, hope March turns around for both of us.
    Glad to see the lights on at the BCB . Glad you both are still out & about enjoying Life .
    D & A

  6. You have so much snow! I've decided to push my Colorado trail hike to next year...take the train to Elk Park and hike south.

    1. Don't worry, the snow will be (almost) gone by July...and mid July is wildflower season up high. It's a beautiful area, winter or summer :)

  7. This was fun, Mark for who knows what reason iam no longer getting notifications of your blog posts. Dang! I had to go hunt you down. Lots of snow there! I don't miss it..


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