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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Flashback To A Couple Arid-zona Hikes With Juliet and Chris...

We are boondocked in one of our favorite camps, amid the rolling, well bouldered foothills of the Catalina Mountains. It's a familiar comfortable spot, like a home away from home.

Bobbie and I are still trying to shake remnants of some Wally Mart virus picked up in Hurricane, Utah...first Bobbie, then your's truly. It pretty much body-slammed and pinned us to the mat-tress. We camp near Pal Chris at the mouth of Madera Canyon in order to meet for hikes and bike rides... feeble attempts at getting our wind and legs back. We must be ready in time for a visit from Chris's daughter, Juliet. She's in the habit flying down from cloudy Seattle to join in on some of our sunny southwest adventures.  

But we need to reposition for the meet up with my older-smarter brother, Dan, and sister-in-law, Elaine (also older and smarter) in Phoenix. So we move camp to boondock on the north side of the Catalina's. 

The 50 Year Trail is right out our doorstep, as well as numerous other trails...some of which are mountain-bikable. What better place to hike and bike ourselves back to wellness and fitness (still coughing!). It takes a while...seems Geezers don't bounce back as fast. 

Due to the Phoenix commitment, we only get a couple hikes with Juliet, the first of which is one of our Sonoran Desert favorites that wanders around the foothills of Catalina Mountain.

Note Juliet's pale Northwest winter coat  😜

What a great 7+ mile loop!

The next day we meet Chris and Juliet in Sabino Canyon's parking lot for a hike to Seven Falls...something on Juliet's bucket list. The rainy forecast certainly didn't deter hikers. But the falls were supposedly running pretty good, and it's been decades since we hiked Sabino. We're overdue for another look.

We prepare for a rainy hike that doesn't show. Just heavy clouds that make for poor photos. There are a gazillion creek crossings, though...maybe I'll catch someone falling in.  

I climb up to the next level to get a closer look while the gang has a bite to eat.

Peace out,
Stay tuned for more flashbacks and real time updates...
mark and bobbie...
Sheltering in place on trails around Lovely Ouray.


  1. Thanks for showing us the beauty of Arid zona Mark & Bobbie, there really is a lot of beautiful areas to discover all over that state and Winter Spring is obviously the best time to visit. Glad you are up to posting these experiences you had while not being up to the task at that time. Especially love the contrast of the desert landscape with the threatening dark skies, love it and Im sure all the Cacti & flowering shrubs and flowers love it too.
    Stay Safe My Friends
    D &A

  2. Thanks for the flashback. That seems like a long time ago now with all these changes. It’s a good memory. Chris


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