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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Rockfall and Cow Shit

"Walk, ride, run, paddle away quietly in any direction and taste the freedom."  John Muir

Our main backroad biking artery to Ridgway and beyond suffered a massive rockfall a few weeks ago.  So far, it has stymied Ouray County Road and Bridge regarding how to deal with it. Thus, the road remains closed to vehicles and non-adventuous bikers.  The problem with blasting the larger boulders into smaller pieces is the fear that it will trigger an even more massive rockfall from a particularly unstable cliffside.

Things other than rockfall that can kill a PR? Cattle drives...not to mention massive amounts of shit left on the road...

Fifty-some mile rides through amazing Ouray County takes this biker's mind off the pain in his ass and the cow-shit slung up the back of his legs, pants, and jersey :)

Peace out!
mark and bobbie


  1. Yep, that scenery is worth a little bit of cow shit on your backside!

  2. That is quite a rock slide. And, yuck to the cow shit but I do think it's worth it to get out and see the incredible beauty around you!

  3. Impressive rock slide. Is it very far up the road from your house?

    1. 3 miles north...along a cliff that is apparently "unstable."

  4. Yahoooooo, back in the saddle again; rock slides and cattle drives and flying shit boy you can't beat the San Juans for action scenery like that.
    Mark we have never come across that trestle bridge before, must be right in Ridgeway town I guess.
    What a glorious day , man I wish we where there and taking that ride too, but then I'd like to be on the Champs-Elyseles watching the River Seine flow by. Man oh man the memories and in the end that's all we will have......
    Grateful in Guerneville
    Stay Thirsty my Friends

  5. Careful there, son; yer startin' tuh sound a tad cantankerous.


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