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Monday, October 22, 2018

New Non-Zion "Dots" Beyond Yankee Doodle Gorge

We have Chris to thank (blame) for this outing...

Yankee Doodle Gorge...


Gayle stands a safe distance from the edge

Mormon Hieroglyphics 

There is more Glory west of Zion, at the base of Pine Mountain. A good place to get "small."

The problem with deep canyons is getting close enough to see the bottom.  The closer Chris gets to the edge, the more anxious Gayle becomes :)

Pine Mountain

We wander vast acreage of confectionary sandstone. No trails, just feeling our way to solitary confinements that blows imaginations to smithereens. 

Sometimes we get "cliffed out." I reassure Gayle that there's always a way down...She doesn't believe me because I've told that lie before...

Bobbie tests the "elephant skin" surface for traction. "You can go straight up!"

One of many pour-offs we found. Makes your hands tingle and puckers your ass.

Elephant skin

"See, you can climb straight up!"

"Trust your shoes, Gayle"

Another cliff...but there's always a way down

But not this way...

Maybe if we go up here...???

Another pour-off

We are collectively determined to make a loop-hike out of this...Come hell or high water. 

There's always a way...maybe not easy, but a way.
No one died.


  1. I suppose one could die from the immensity of the sheer beauty all around you!

  2. We just discovered this area in the spring. Getting down we took the worst way possible. Lots of butt dragging and zigzagging. After climbing all over the formations, we discovered the easy way out (and what should have been down). Oh, well! it sure is a spectacular place.

  3. I might have died if we had to go back the way we came :-)

  4. Your way is the most exciting to explore the land.


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