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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Red Mountain 3 to Red Mountain 2: A Gobsmacked Ridge-Run

We had all day to play above timberline. No threat of thunder and lightning, just deep blue sky overlaid with a smattering of vaporous white clouds, and a carpet of endless rolling tundra to hike on... now all greened up from recent monsoons. Perfect time to dig something out of the ole bucket of lists and get 'er done...

No Sunday Sermon today, folks.  I'll let the pictures do the preaching... 


  1. Purdy freaking amazing!!! Out of this world freaking amazing :)

  2. Mark!! Bobbie!! (What more can be said?)

  3. Now your talking ......these pictures don't need any words
    The Monsoon Skies are the icing on the cake and those few days off and maybe the cross training brought out your best.
    Bravo..... Bobbie is Amazing!

  4. I love the panorama! It's amazing how many zig zag roads there are up very steep slopes in your area. I love the Red Mountains!

  5. Oh that must be so freaking cool to view the world from up there!


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