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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

When Words Fail...A pictorial essay from an extraordinary rove Into new territory

Perspective is such a relative construct. When in a room indoors we sense the boundaries and fill it to the brim with self. Only when outdoors, on top of a mountain, can we realize that we are not the story. Just a ripple from a pebble tossed into the sea.

An idea for tomorrow's outing finally gelled about bedtime: Hike the trail to Blue Lakes Pass. But Jello plans tend to melt when left out under a hot sun. Cross-canyon, a previously unexplored basin to the south caught and held my attention as we slogged up a trail littered with thirsty, stunted wildflowers. "We should go there," I pointed out to Bobbie. She agreed. There were no new "dots" awaiting us on Blue Lakes Pass, only people. This is what we found...aimless, off-trail, following our collective curiosity.


  1. I've been filling my indoors to the brim with boring self for the past month due to the outdoors being 98 degrees feels like 104 degrees, so your post was most welcomed today!

  2. You found a gorgeous place with NOT thirsty wildflowers. Only in those wide open, high Colorado mountains can one wander aimlessly without benefit of map or GPS. Peaks that have recognizable shapes, long distance views to get perspective, that sort of thing. I used to wander in Northern Idaho for work in the wilderness, but never without benefit of aerial photos at least. Ha! Trees everywhere really mess with the views and the sense of direction.

  3. Wow, new unexplored territory , a real treat for theses eyes as well. Hard to imagine there weren't any well worn trails in the area. Seeing some of the better known mountain tops from new angles was very interesting as well.
    Bet you felt pretty elated at the end of the day.
    What's next....

  4. Really nice pictures, I don't understand how you can walk those gravel edges. Yikes!

  5. Why does your collective curiosity always have to take you up dangerously steep, rocky slopes? ;-)

    1. We have a serious case of "Life Wish." :)
      Because it's there, and we still can, and it fills our souls with gratitude. What else :)
      You'll be hiking with the Grizzlies soon, so don't point accusatory fingers. I can't wait till you get North again and start blogging!!!

  6. Well, THAT was amazing!
    PS: Love the header with the old car and building too.

  7. So much beauty...well, except for that scree climb! Crazy!

  8. Abrams, Bear Creek, and now this new route. You guys are really getting out there these days. Must be fun to find a new one in those mountains where you have spent so much time.

  9. It must be nice to be familiar with the surroundings and feel confident in taking a new route. Good day for hiking in the beauty of flower accented summer mountains.


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