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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Groovin' Off Trail To View Parunaweep Canyon

Parunaweep is a Piaute Indian word that translates, "roaring water canyon," which, depending on the weather, could be any canyon in Zion. We took a break for lunch here, where sandstone "whitecaps" meet a tumultuous Red Sea...

Stair stepping our way up a series of precipitous sandstone washes, I mentioned to fellow Red Rock Geezer, Chris, that someday I'd like to be around to witness the hydro-havoc reeked on such a place after a torrential monsoon cloudburst. Imagine the raging flash flood, after a couple inches of rain on several square miles of nonporous sandstone.

This was a new area for our group. It's always nice to connect some new "dots" in between favorite hikes that never get old. Once again, we didn't have a set plan other than try and make our way to Parunaweep Canyon. 

Other than some backtracking to find our way around obstacles, it was a moderate in-out hike with a "lollipop" on the end. The miles slip by when treading beautiful rippled sandstone with swirls of color. It was like someone poured a humongous batch of thickened cake batter that "set up" before it could smooth out.

I hope you enjoy tagging alone with a few Geezers At Play.

I sometimes wonder in the wee hours of night
try and try with all my might 
to find a key to all the unknown destinations 
that unlocks the secrets at the ends of roads not taken...


  1. Thanks for taking us up, down, and over the gorgeous rock formations. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. The shot looking up at the 4 of you, blue sky, swirly colorful formations going up, up, up . . . Wonderful shot! They're all great shots actually. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for all of the beautiful photos.

  4. That was a lot of fun exploring some new routes this year. So many dots to connect! I hope the Great Turkey God is shining brightly on you guys today, there is so much to be thankful for.

  5. That header photo, and well, all of them, are just stunning!

  6. Wonderful! I love tagging along.


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